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The team over at toucanBox have kindly sent us a toucanBox and Mister Maker boxes for us to try, so today I am sharing a little more about them with you and sharing our toucanBox review.

The products were sent FOC and this post contains affiliate links

toucanBox is an award-winning subscription service that sends a monthly box of creative, science and craft activities to children aged 3 to 8 years old.

Each box is themed and contains everything needed to keep children engaged for hours in an educational and creative way. The boxes are delivered monthly, contain 2 activities and fit through the letterbox. Boxes include :

all the materials to complete the 2 projects
colourful step-by-step instruction manuals
a STEAM-inspired activity magazine
fun sticker sheets

toucanBox is also part of a wonderfully crafty collaboration with the beloved TV show Mister Maker. The Mister Maker Club subscription includes 12 projects delivered on fortnightly or monthly basis. From gloopy glue to crazy crayons, every box contains all the materials you need, plus a brilliant activity book and a collectable sticker for your wall chart.

Each toucanBox and Mister Maker Club craft is designed to stimulate children’s creativity and curiosity and to encourage key development skills such as concentration, numeracy, fine and gross motor skills, and problem-solving.

The boxes are tailored to suit each child own development stage, and the content of the box will differ accordingly.



toucanBox Review

Boo and Little Man have always enjoyed crafting, and they enjoy receiving surprises in the post (who doesn’t?!) so I wanted to give these a try with them.

toucanBox arrives addressed to your child in a box that can fit through your letterbox. Along with the boxes, there are also email updates with crafty ideas, which are a fun addition.

At aged 9 years old, Boo is a little older than the target audience for these boxes. What that meant for us is that she enjoyed the crafts, and as she was that bit older, she didn’t need any adult assistance. She helped Little Man with his and took over the projects, which was good to see.

I liked watching them working together as their creations emerged.

I would say that each craft project took them around half an hour to an hour to complete together. I imagine that it would take a while longer with younger children.

The boxes do come with everything that you will need, in fact the only thing that we needed to grab in addition to the kits was a pair of scissors.

It is great that everything is instantly at hand so that the children can get straight on with crafting and making.

The magazine and instructions were all clear and as my kids are both old enough, they could read and understand everything themselves.

The makes went perfectly without any problems, which made the kids very happy.

Mister Maker box

Mister Maker box

Of everything that they have made, I would say that the sock monsters have been the biggest hit here. There was a lot of giggling whilst they were making these and they are very proud of them.

I would say that these would provide great entertainment if you have a preschooler and give you an activity that you can take your time over together.

I can see it making a really lovely gift as the subscription service makes it a fun surprise present every month.

For school aged children, it’s a welcome burst of creativity at home with everything that you need supplied for an easy craft session. My two have certainly had fun with them.

Would toucanBox be something that your children would enjoy?

Disclosure: The products were sent FOC and this post contains affiliate links

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