Trolley Love

Whenever we go to a supermarket now, Boo likes to sit in the trolley with Little Man. She used to love being free to look at (and grab) everything, but the lure of being in there with her brother must be too tempting! This is very handy for me, as it means that they are now both held captive 😉

the trolley

We went a couple of days ago, and as I was manoeuvring them up the sauces aisle (tragically, we’d run out of ketchup), Boo asked me where daddy and I got married. Ours is not reason why, remember, as we’d not had any talk of weddings or marriage in, oh, months, and even then, it was only in relation to her Lettice books (Lettice is a bridesmaid in one of them, for those of you wondering). I described where we got married to her, as I figured just telling her that it was at Coombe Abbey might not suffice here. She appeared satisfied with my answer. A moment later, ‘mummy, when I’m bigger, I want to get married.’ I replied that that was lovely, and I hoped she would someday, if that’s what she wants. ‘Yes’, she continued, ‘I want to marry Little Man when he’s all grown up’. Oh, now that is too sweet. I found her to be utterly adorable sat there, in such a mundane place, saying something so beautiful and loving, though as you can probably see from the photo, Little Man doesn’t seem as keen on the plan – he was just eyeing up the toys!

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22 thoughts on “Trolley Love”

  1. How cute!
    Ben is also convinced that he can marry his little sister and they will be a Mummy and Daddy together – it has come up in conversation several times recently!

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