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Turning A House Into A Home: 12 Interior Design Tips To Create A Stylish And Cozy Living Space 

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Interior design is crucial to making your home feel comfortable and stylish. It can be hard to know where to start when designing the look of your home. Looking for inspiration online and getting help from professionals can be an excellent way to make the right design choices.  

Our home should be a retreat from the outside world, where we can relax and spend time with loved ones. This article will explore ways you can turn your house into a home using interior design.  

Upgrade Your Insulation 

Improve energy efficiency and make your home cozy by updating the insulation. Choose high quality, sustainable material. Insulate the attic, under the floorboards and in wall cavities.  

Add Some Houseplants 

Put houseplants in every room. Choose low maintenance plants that improve air quality. Visit local florists to buy fresh flowers and arrange them in vases.  

Use The Right Lighting 

Choose the best lighting going room by room. Use bright lights for the kitchen and bathroom. Use bright overhead lights in the bedrooms and living room and add lamps to create softer mood lighting for a cozy atmosphere.  

Experiment With Scents 

Find a welcoming scent for your home. Experiment with essential oils until you find the right fit. Use a reed diffuser, room spray or scented candles to add fragrance to your home. Avoid over-applying the scent and create a subtle effect instead.  

Include Textiles 

Put rugs on hardwood floors. Layer rugs to create texture and coziness. Include warming throws and blankets on chairs and sofas.  

Get Help From Interior Design Professionals 

Creating a well-rounded look for your home can be challenging, with many elements to consider. Talk to a professional to get advice and help. Look at case studies and testimonials to ensure they’re a good fit. J. Fisher Interiors are a fantastic example of interior design services for anyone looking to spruce up their home space.  

Invest In Artwork 

Artwork adds personality to a space. Look for art in local art galleries, thrift stores and flea markets. Choose pieces that appeal to you and suit the design of your home.  

Hang Photos Of Loved Ones 

Hang photos to boost coziness and add personality. Choose pictures with meaning to you and family and friends on holidays and special occasions.  

Cut Back On Clutter 

Reduce clutter by using smart storage solutions. Use furniture that doubles as storage. Declutter regularly and throw out or donate anything you haven’t used in six months. Put items away when you’re done with them.  

Use Candles 

Add mood lighting using candles. Put candles somewhere high, out of reach of children and pets. Put candles in clusters and use them to add to lamp light for a cozy feel.  

Put Up Curtains 

Curtains keep heat inside and protect your privacy. Choose floor to ceiling curtains for a dramatic effect. Use blackout curtains in bedrooms to block out light for restful sleep.  

Add A Heat Source To The Living Room 

Put a real or electric fireplace or wood burner in the living room. Arrange furniture around the heat source as a cozy focal point. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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