Turning A Rental House into A Home: A Practical Guide

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If you are renting a house, like in apartments for rent in gresham or you will be aware that you can’t go overboard and make a lot of changes to the house due to agreements and rules put in place. However, you don’t have to go all out to decorate a house, there are a lot of personal touches that you can add to make a house feel like a home. If you are living in a rental and you are looking to give it a more homely feel then, you have come to the right place because we have got a guide to help you.  

Stick to Agreements

Since you will be living in a rental house, you will usually not be able make a huge amount of changes and it is important that you stick to the agreements that have been put in place. Often, when you first move into a rental you will be given a lot of paperwork and contracts to look at and sign so you know what can and can’t do with the property. Have a look at what has been said when it comes to decorating so you don’t do anything that the landlord will not be happy about.

Incorporate a Colour Theme

Although you will not be able to paint the walls and change the colour, you can still make a house feel like a home by incorporating a cohesive colour scheme. If the walls are white, you will be able to pick up some different accessories in a colour that you like to change the look of the rooms and make them look a bit brighter. You can change the colour theme in each room or, you can keep the same colour throughout the whole house with all the different home accessories that you can buy.

Consider Storage

If you have furniture from your old home that you can’t bring into your rental but you don’t want to throw out then, storage might be the best option for you. Rental homes are not always lived in for a long period of time so, there is no point throwing out perfectly good furniture only to buy more when you leave your rental. Make sure that you check the cost of storage before you move out of your home and see if you can find an affordable option to use until you leave your rental.


Depending on the landlord you have and the rental you are hoping to move into, you might find that your new house will come fully furnished. If this is the case then, you will probably be asked to keep things the way they are and not throw anything out or replace them. To add a personal touch, you can upgrade the couch with colour-themed cushions or invest in other accessories like plants and tables so you can place photo frames on top of them.


In a rental, there are a lot of chances for you to improvise and add the items you want in different ways. You will not be allowed to hang photos or mirrors on walls but, nothing is stopping you placing them on shelves and hanging them on other pieces of furniture. For instance, you can place a full-length mirror on a door with hooks rather than installing it onto the wall.

Use This Guide to Help

From making sure you stick to the rental agreements to adding in colour themes to storage to adding personal touches and more, these are some of the things to incorporate into your rental. Make sure you have a read over this information and use it as a guide to help you transform your living space.  

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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