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Two Years Of Herbie

We’ve had two years of Herbie here. Two years. That time really has flown by.

I realised we’d collected him from the breeders a little over two years ago when my photos started flashing up from a couple of years ago of a tiny Herbie! He was so utterly adorable, though he still is, of course. 

Herbie first day home

Those initial weeks were hard work, as you would expect with a new puppy. I shared the journey here at the time starting with the puppy diaries at 8 weeks old, if you’d like to look back on that, and I then shared the truth about life with a puppy

I remember well the stages of watching him like a hawk while we were toilet training, of struggling to get things done because he would have to be involved, and taking him absolutely everywhere with me until he was around six or seven months old. He was a puppy in a bag on those schools runs for a few months. He was very popular with the children’s classmates!

Herbie miniature dachshund 16 weeks in car

From around the age that we started leaving him alone, life got a lot easier. We knew his quirks, he knew ours and he was a clever little pup and trained well. 

Herbie has quite enjoyed this past year of lockdown life, it has suited him. He hasn’t had much alone time, not that he was left for that long before that.  

He has had the kids at home a lot more than he ever had before, with them off from last March all the way through until September and then most of this year too. When they went back to school last month, I wondered how he’d react. He seemed unconcerned! I think he quite enjoyed the peace and quiet. I know I did!

He is used to the rhythm of our days. I am with him pretty much all of the time and he likes to nap on me as I work. All we’ve done lately is go out for walks, so of course, Herbie accompanies us.

On the odd occasion when we are out for a little longer and he can’t come, he likes going and playing in my mum’s garden. She completely dotes on him and has a lovely big garden for him to sniff about in. Seriously, this dog lives the dream. 

Herbie on sofa

Herbie is definitely a scent hound. He walks with his nose to the ground and we stop so many times whilst he has a good sniff around.

He loves being on the scent of something and you can tell when a cat or squirrel has been in the garden, because he moves in a certain way, tail up, following that scent absolutely everywhere.

He is also very aware when I have been near another dog, he won’t stop sniffing me! 

Herbie adores chewing and destroying toys. Do not be fooled into thinking that because he is small he is delicate.

Miniature dachshunds are hounds through and through, a big dog in a small body! I have never seen a dog destroy and chew through things as quickly as Herbie does, and he will do this with pretty much every kind of toy you give him.

Very few last him long, and soft toys never last beyond fifteen minutes! But yes, I still get them for him on occasion, because he is so joyful when he receives one and loves ripping it up.

But the great thing about all of this destruction? The chewing keeps his teeth lovely and clean, it tires him out, it keeps him busy and he has never chewed on anything that isn’t his.

Our home is safe, he doesn’t touch our throws despite tearing up his own and he has never harmed any of the kids’ soft toys. He is a clever and respectful dog!

Herbie 2 years old on footstool

At two years old, I would say Herbie’s favourite things, aside from loved ones, are walks, destroying new toys, sardines, his dog friend Bertie who lives next door, chicken, naps, lying in the sun, chewing his blankets and tuna. 

He likes people and people tend to like him. I know many of you are Herbie fans too. I share his antics regularly over on Instagram and he always gets so much love over there.

We are in no doubt at all that Herbie is the perfect dog for our family. I just can’t imagine life without him. And I suspect he knows it. 

I look forward to seeing what he gets up to over the next two years and beyond. A life filled with Herbie is a good life. 

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