Uni-ball Stationery Competition

Would you like to win some uni-ball stationery? Of course you would! uni-ball have a fun new Advent Calendar competition running on their website now, and I also have 3 prize bundles up for grabs right here, so read on to find out more….

uni-ball Advent Calendar Competition

Open your uni-ball Advent Calendar every day for the chance to WIN £100s worth of pens or some handy Christmas tips! The calendar is packed with prizes, including over 200 packs of pens from across the uni-ball and POSCA range. See if you have winning doors here. Good luck!

Oh, I do love new pens! If you ever watch my Instastories, you’ll have caught glimpses of my desk where I have two jam-packed (truly, I can’t fit any more in) pen pots. Then there are the pens in my writing bureau drawer. Then there are the pens in my pretty spotty pencil case. Then there are the pens in the kitchen drawer that can be grabbed easily. Then there are the pens still in packs as I don’t have anywhere for them….yet! I do love a new pen, thanks uni-ball!

Competition Time!

To celebrate the Advent Calendar competition over on uni-ball’s website, I have 3 uni-ball stationery bundles to give away to 3 lucky readers! To be in with the chance of winning a bundle, enter using the rafflecopter below now. It’s open to UK entrants, aged over 18 only, and ends at 12am 16th January 2019. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’d love to know, what’s your favourite pen? Perhaps it’s a fountain pen, a gel pen, a smooth roller-ball? Do you have a favourite brand, or is it simply the colour that entices you? Tell me!

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327 thoughts on “Uni-ball Stationery Competition”

  1. A lovely gold plated engraved Parker pen that my dad’s late friend gifted to me. It writes beautifully and is sentimental too.

  2. I love My Lamy Safari for writing morning pages. Day to day I really like the 4-colour bics for my bullet journaling so I can colour code things!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. My old PARKER fountain pen that I was given way back in the day by my Gran. The nib is worn to give me a lovely smooth writing experience and the memories. Love it

  4. I’ve always loved a fountain pen ,even at school.I had a couple of disasters with them too,I went a couple of months with a school shirt with a black ink stain and another one with a blue stain.My school badge was all colours due to leaking inks till my parents could afford a new blazer.Well it was the early 80’s

  5. I have a pen my son gave me last year, the top half is glittery crystals and it’s black which means I can do paperwork at work with it.

  6. I have pens from Cath Kidston that I love, they are so pretty and last for ages. I always feel I my writing is much more neater when I write with these pens.

  7. I love my Cross fountain pen which my late husband won for me, from the Times crossword about 6 months before he died.

  8. I am drawn to the glass covered counters with very expensive pens in department stores such as Mont Blanc and Waterman. However, I also appreciate a basic Cross or Pilot with a medium point.

  9. I have an aged swan calligraph fountain pen that my Mum gave me – it works perfectly and the tines of the nib have just the right amount of ‘bounce’ and flexibility for thick and thin strokes when writing.


    My favourite pen is a bif fluffy pink flamingo pen. It’s too big and clumsy to write comfortably with but I love it so much as my son brought it for me for Mothers day with pennies he had saved up.

  11. Violet Perkins Phillippo

    I love Frixion roller balls, particularly the pastel colours. It’s nice to be able to use a pen but still rub out mistakes.

  12. I’ve always liked a blue biro for everyday writing , shopping list etc, but for more official penmanship I love a black gel pen .

  13. We used to have to use a fountain pen at school, so I do like a good fountain pen but find it a little harder being left handed

  14. I love my purple rollerball, medium, pen. They always know in work when a message is from me as the colour speaks out for itself

  15. A Girlguiding pen that I was given, it is slimline but has some weight to it – perfect and it writes really smoothly!

  16. I have a pen that says I love Port Issac and its my favourite as it reminds me of a lovely family holiday in COrnwall

  17. My fave ben at the mo is a black fineliner that im using to create lots in my bullet journal. It just writes really nicely.

  18. I had an un branded “I LOVE LONDON” souvenir pen but it ran out of ink pretty quickly, it wrote very smoothly

  19. My lovely retractable pen which I was given many years ago and which now lives in my handbag ready for any emergency!!!

  20. I love my chubby pink pen I received as a freebie., although when it comes to writing I must say I like my bic. ?

  21. I love gel pens with a grip and black ink ? I have MS and impaired dexterity and find a good quality gel pen so much easier to use as it glides across the page for me but not to inky as it’s a smudge waiting to happen
    The ones with grip also make them easier to hold

  22. I have a strawberry scented pen from childhood that writes in pink. I haven’t checked it lately but I hope it still works. Reminds me of school!

  23. I have two Fisher Space Pens as used on NASA’s Apollo snd Shuttle missions. They work at any angle and zero gravity. Not sure when I am likely to encounter zero gravity but how cool.

  24. I love pens and have a wide variety of them. My favourite one though is my unicorn pen! I dont write with it very often but its so cute. I do love a good Sharpie though

  25. I always loved my old fashioned fountain pen at school, except when the cartridges burst when you put them in and squirted ink everywhere!

  26. My multi- coloured ball point pen.I like using be able to use it for work and for studying changing the colours for the key information I need to remember and having the blank ink for all the important paperwork at work.

  27. I love my fine Uniball posca pens. A few weeks ago following an injury, I was stuck in bed for a week and totally bored. My husband bought me these pens and some paper and I started drawing again. It helped me pass the day and it was a great stress reliever as well. I’d never seen these pens before but I love them.

  28. I have a silver biro which my dad left to my mum when he passed and now inherited to me as she has gone too – i dont use it but do get it out to look at often as reminds me of them – i can still remember dad doing his accounts with it

  29. I still write two letters a month minimum to family and friends and love doing so with my faithful old Parker fountain pen, that my Dad gave to me when I went to senior school! Letter writing should never die out, drop the email and write a letter far more personal and appreciated!

  30. I have a fountain pen that was presented to me when i left school (many years ago now) its such a special pen that i dont use it anymore its kept in its presentation box and safely stored however this is my favourite pen as its survived 20 plus years. its a blue solid fountain pen with a gold trim.

  31. Jeanette Leighton

    Love black liners ….
    On the form I mistakenly put my Twitter name as my Instagram one which is @jennyleighton1979
    But my Twitter is @jeanettel1979

  32. I love my pink pen with flowers on. It doesn’t perform any better than other pens but is the only one my boys haven’t ‘borrowed’ from me ?

  33. I used to sell pens for a living so I guess it has to be one of the many still lying around the house since retirement 16 months ago (not that I’m counting of course)

  34. i love a fountain pen, i have done a few classes in calligraphy and love the way i can write in ink with different nibs

  35. I am obsessed with pens! My favourite changes regularly but at the moment it’s a lovely smooth-writer black ballpoint pen that is silver and white on the outside x

  36. The Beautiful crystal pen I got for my 21st birthday …it doesn’t work anymore yet it’s still my fave lol. Lovely giveaway would be over the moon to win.

  37. I love roller ball pens, I have flexible finger tips, so anything that makes writing easier (which they do) makes a huge difference!

  38. My favourite pen was my big yellow multipen I got at Christmas when I was little – it had about 10 biros in one pen and my favourite was the pink colour. It smelt pretty good too!

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