Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening

Spring is finally here and as such, my thoughts are turning to my garden and I am itching to get going out there. Over the past couple of years I have kept a garden journal as a means to track what’s happening out there and capture any plans, but this year it makes more sense to me to incorporate this into my bullet journal as that’s where I keep everything else these days, so I’ve been thinking about how I can be using my bullet journal for gardening.

I have always included a small section about the garden in my monthly review spread (you can see how I set up my bullet journal monthly over on YouTube), but as it takes up more of my time over spring and summer, I am giving it a few spreads.

So far I have a task list for this month in there, some longer term thoughts and ideas and a couple of quotes to inspire and get me working hard out there this month!

Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening

These spreads are just to get me started and back into the swing of things again. Longer term, over the next few months, I have plans to track a few things and make plans as I go along. I’m off to Gardener’s World Live again in June, so I know I will come back from that ready to splurge a load more ideas out onto pages to remind me to try them!

Here are a few ideas of things that could be included:

Plants and seeds to buy
Projects and ideas
Sketches of the garden
Plants that need moving and to where
Weekly/Monthly tasks
Creating a wildlife garden
Garden inspiration
Sketches of flowers/trees
Journal tracking what’s flowering when
Plans to encourage wildlife into the garden
Lists of wildlife spotted
Task reminders
Months to sow
Creating a cut-flower patch
Sketches of minibeasts and birds visiting
Roses that are needed! (I only have around two dozen, clearly more are required)
Gardening quotes

Do you include gardening in your bullet journal?

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Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening

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10 thoughts on “Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening”

  1. As you know Jocelyn I don’t bullet journal but I am a total scribbler and have my gardening diary and an A4 notebook with lists, ideas and projects. I think you have just about got it covered for your plans, though! I have a couple of quotes you might like. This one is one I made up!
    Think where it will go before you sow! and these ones I saw somewhere –
    if you would be happy all your life plant a garden, and
    live in your garden as you would the rest of the house and treat it as an extra room – outdoor living can recharge even the dullest personal battery.

  2. Yep, I have our garden in my bujo 🙂 an overview of to dos per month, a sketch for the layout (we just moved and the garden is completely empty), a calendar for sowing, planting and harvesting fruits, veggies and herbs and a tracker of the seeds I sow indoor en when I plant them. Plus I have a garden to do section in my monthly and weekly spreads 🙂 It’s just a small city garden, but still I love incorporating it in my life this way.

    1. The tracker of seeds is a great idea. It’s a good way to incorporate it all, isn’t it? Nice to find a like-minded gardening bujo’er!

  3. What a fab idea! I’ve been eyeing a section of our backyard, threatening to convert it into a mini birdie paradise. Oddly, never occurred to me to map out the project in my BuJo. Duh! Thx for sharing

  4. I’m starting mine this month after finally getting around to deciding what I’m doing.Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll be linking back to this post.

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