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When the people at Tesco Compare home insurance got in touch with me about their home safety and security campaign, offering me the chance to review a hard drive, I confess I was initially a little unsure about why I’d need one, and what I’d do with one! Yes, I will freely admit that whilst I can happily blog along here, where the actual serious and practical stuff is involved, I hand it over to the Husband to deal with. And so I asked him whether we need a hard drive, and ‘yes, it would be useful’ came his reply. Why, dear Husband?..

‘For back up’. It seems that our family life and memories are all wrapped up in this PC of ours. We live in a digital age, where photos are taken freely and regularly. I then plug in my iPhone or camera to our PC and there they all go, moved onto the computer, but very rarely printed off and kept elsewhere. It would be good to back them up and keep them safe.

So, OK, he’s patiently explained to me what I wanted to know, so I thought I’d sort out actually using it myself, without his able assistance, and check on just how user-friendly it is for a techno-fool like myself.

I received the Seagate Expansion drive…

Seagate Expansion

And on opening it up, I was pleased to find few components…

Seagate Expansion 1

And a very brief instruction leaflet, which always pleases me as I’m terrible for not reading instructions!

Seagate Expansion 2

All that I had to do was plug two leads in to the drive, select the relevant plug adaptor, and plug it in and attach it to my PC. Simple as that!

This box then popped up, advising me that I was ready to go…

Seagate Expansion 3

I could then click and move any photos and files that I wanted on to the hard drive.

It turns out that it’s all very user-friendly, as even I could do it! And I’m very pleased that I have, as I now have the security of knowing that my precious family photos are all safely backed up, should anything ever happen to my PC.

Is this something you’ve done?

Disclosure: I received a hard-drive FOC in exchange for writing this post.

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  1. How funny- we just got one of these a few weeks ago to attack the horrific amount of photo storage taking place on our laptops! Still getting all the files in order but it’s very exciting now being able to access photos and documents on the laptops from my phone or other wireless device! Clever stuff! Sounds like a good item to review!

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