Our Visit to Hatton Country World

We were invited to Hatton Country World last week, and as it was a place that we’d been meaning to visit for some time, we were delighted to go along and find out what was there and explore.

There are two main areas, Hatton Adventure World and Hatton Shopping Village. It was the former that had Boo bouncing about with excitement, and Little Man shouting ‘animals’!

Once in, it there was so much to see and do, and it was tricky to decide what to do first. We opted for looking at the Farmyard Favourites, Guinea Pig Village and the new Scales and Tails area..

Hatton Adventureland farmyard favourites

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many guinea pigs in one place! In both the Guinea Pig Village and Scales and Tails, there were staff getting the animals out so that children could pet and hold them.

hatton adventureland animals

Both children enjoyed looking round, and even though it was very busy there, being a bank holiday weekend, we still managed to have a good look at everything.

Next up, we thought it wise to get some lunch before the restaurants filled up and before the kids started asking! There was a good selection of hot and cold food for children and adults. Kids meals were £4.95, including a drink, which I thought was reasonable, as days out like this often have quite inflated meal prices. We ate in Snorty’s Bouncing Barnyard restaurant, and Boo was delighted with what she found in there, aside from her food, as there was a huge indoor play area..

Hatton indoor soft play

I cannot tell you how many times she went down that slide. Countless! She loved it. And lest we forget Little Man, there was a great section for 0-2’s in there, with a new sensory area, items to clamber and ride on and a ball pit. He enjoyed having a roam about in there..

hatton adventureland indoor play area

We then went back outside, and started to explore, which basically meant chasing after this flying dot of pink, as she dashed from area to area…

hatton adventureland exploring

Both of the kids loved the JCB track..

Hatton Adventureland JCB track

There were outdoor games to play..

Hatton Adventureland skittles

An Easter egg hunt to join in with, which Boo loved, though Little Man was happier looking at the Easter bunny from afar – liked spotting him, though!

hatton adventureland easter egg hunt

We then watched a falconry show, which fascinated us, but Little Man became a little restless, so we had to abandon that one! So we moved on to the seemingly endless play areas!

hatton adventureland play areas

Literally hours of fun! We then had a little rest stop for cake and drinks, followed by ambling round the village shops, including a rather lovely garden centre with some bargain plants that I simply could not resist!

All in all, we had a brilliant day out. The children really enjoyed themselves, and were on the go all day. I think if we’d have had time, Boo would have wanted to go round everywhere again! For me, this is definitely a dry day visit, as although there is that fabulous indoor play area and the farm animals and scales and tails are all undercover, I’d feel like I wasn’t really getting the whole package and my money’s worth unless I could enjoy outside, too, as I’d say half of our visit was spent outside. I was also impressed by the fact that being a bank holiday weekend, they were clearly busy, and yet it didn’t feel over-crowded and staff were working hard to ensure service standards remained high. I’d guess that if it poured with rain, though, that those indoor areas would suddenly feel a tad crowded!

Definitely a place that we’ll be going back to, as we had such a lovely day out.

Disclosure: We were given free tickets to visit Hatton, though all words and opinions remain my own.

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43 thoughts on “Our Visit to Hatton Country World”

  1. Looks like such a great day out, so much to do! I spy some tiny piglets too, definitely best time of year to visit a farm with all those baby animals 🙂 I’m looking forward to being able to get out for day trips again, it’s a great way to entertain the kids when there is so much for them to do x

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard of Hatton before but it looks like there are so many different things to do – For all ages too! What a lovely day out x

  3. Sounds like a fun day and it looks great there now. Not been in a couple of years and they seem to have made it bigger and better than ever! We will have to go now! I mentioned them in a blog post but couldn’t give much detail as haven’t been in so long. Would you be willing to let me link to this?x

  4. This reminds me of a couple of places I have been with the kids recently, Hobbledown and Fisher’s Farm (both of which I’ve blogged about!) – it looks fab. I have to say that EJ would probably have totally by-passed the little kids bit and insisted on going down that big slide with his big brother though – he knows no fear that boy! 🙂 X

  5. Looks great! It’s a place I often think about, but never seem to get there. Will def have to take my little one for a visit after reading and looking at your lovely photos.

  6. I really wanted to bring my son to a farm to meet and greet animals. Its been awhile since our last trip but its not in the budget at the moment. Thanks for sharing your photos. Looks so much fun there. #countrykids

  7. aww looks like such a fab place, with so many things to see and do! Love that they have a big playarea and then a softer are for 0-2s, some places just have one and it can be a bit much for the littler kiddies. Looks great and I agree that a dry day would be best, otherwise you’d miss out on so much! xx #countrykids

    1. Yes, there were several areas, so plenty to do, and good that the bigger children weren’t pushing the little ones, and the little ones not getting in the way of the older ones!

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