Our Visits to NT Lanhydrock & NT Killerton

When we were down in Cornwall, we had to take advantage of our National Trust membership and visit a couple of properties in the area. We started at NT Lanhydrock, in Cornwall….


The walk down the long driveway to the house was beautiful, and Boo took advantage running about. She found benches, flowers and tree roots to inspect along the way, too!

Lanhydrock grounds

It’s a beautiful house and estate, with lots to look at. It was refurbished in Victorian times, and the house is all set up to show us what life was like, both upstairs and downstairs. As always with National Trust houses, there was also a children’s trail, so Boo was all about finding the trains this time!

Lanhydrock House

And we then wondered around the extensive gardens…

Lanhydrck Gardens

The camelias were simply stunning. Fortunately, I already have one in my garden, though it’s still a tiny baby, otherwise I’d have had to buy one after this!

Lanhydrock camelias

They had formal gardens, and then a huge area to explore with gorgeous magnolias, a little church, a stream – it was lovely!

Lanhydrock gardens 1

A great day out!

And then on the way back home from Cornwall, we made a stop at NT Killerton in Exeter, Devon. The house is fairly small, compared to others we’ve visited, though I loved the library and Boo enoyed hunting for teddies!

Killerton House

It really set itself apart with the fabulous costumes they had on display there..

Killerton costume displays

And the secret door that led to a wardrobe full of dressing up!

Killerton dressing up

Boo loved it, though Little Man was more about pulling clothes onto the floor than trying them on!

Back outside, there were hundreds of daffodils that Boo delighted in running through..

Killerton daffodils

And she can never resist a tree stump…

Killerton tree stumps

They were part of the outdoors dragon trail all over the grounds. As we were on our way home, and still had a long way to go, we couldn’t do all of this, but it looked fun!

The gardens needed exploring, too, of course..

Killerton gardens

Killerton gardens 1

They had loads of bright and bold fritillarias there..

Killerton fritillarias

And I spotted this little creature in amongst the shrubs!

Killerton Little Man

Both were really beautiful places, and I loved watching the children roam, run and enjoy them. I’ve always had a passion for history, so I find the houses fascinating, and my new-found interest in gardening means that I’m always bowled over by the gardens at these places. We’ve been National Trust members for just over 3 months now, and can barely remember what we did without it – we love these days out and adventures!

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59 thoughts on “Our Visits to NT Lanhydrock & NT Killerton”

  1. Two fabulous places to visit, we live between both these two and already have them on our list for days out this summer. We are NT members too and love wandering round them, the gardens are always stunning and those camelia’s in your pictures are simply gorgeous!

  2. Now N’s a little older, I’m debating NT membership. I thought there weren’t any near us, but turns out there’s about 3 within striking distance, and a couple near my best friend as well.

    Looks like a great day out. #countrykids

  3. Ooh I am all fired up to start exploring as many NT properties as possible now we have just signed up for our membership! Those two properties look fabulous – especially the grounds! My friend and I didn’t even consider taking our boys into the house at Clandon yesterday (Easter Egg trail) as the thought of these little rampaging people around displays of porcelain was just too scary!! They had a fab time in the gardens though. #CountryKids

    1. Exciting! We only joined at Christmas and have been to quite a few already – fabulous days out! I always go inside as I do love history and Boo loves doing the hunts that they always have in there. Little Man is more destructive and tends to require carrying!

  4. Lovely set of photos. Both look really interesting places to go and I loved their gardens, too. The first photo was terrific. One tip I’d use is try out the V for Vibrant setting on your camera. it doesn’t make colours artificial looking but just “pop” a little more and would look great on some of these. Thanks for taking us along 🙂

  5. Lovely places to explore. Love learning about how big houses were run. Giving the children a taste for history is no bad thing. The dressing up area looks perfect! #CountryKids

  6. Wow, both places look absolutely fantastic, in totally different ways! Loving the beautiful grounds and especially the gorgeous stream at that first one, and the costumes and dressing up clothes at the second one! xx #countrykids

    1. Oh, I know! But I have a 4 yo and 1 yo, so soaking up the atmosphere isn’t really a possibility at the moment! One day…!

  7. How lovely. I’m a huge fan of Lanhydrock and can’t wait to take our bikes down to explore the new cycle trails there. Not been to Killerton but have thought about stopping off en route one of these days if I can persuade the children to take a small detour!

  8. You photos are stunning, they make me want to visit right now. I haven’t been to Cornwall for quite a few years, that’s something I will have to remedy when my daughter is well again, and so is an NT membership.

  9. A very good friend of mine used to work at Lanhydrock and so we visited on good authority last time we were there and weren’t disappointed. Beautiful place and great cream tea! x

  10. Two great places to visit, NT membership is great when you have a number of place to visit. Great photos, you look like you had a good holiday.

    1. Oh, it’s lovely. We only joined at Christmas, but we’ve been to lots already and the gardens are often beautiful.

  11. What a beautiful place! I bought a Camelia for our garden this year, hopefully it will look as nice as the one you photographed. The daffodils are really pretty, so many!

  12. oh wow!!!! what beautiful places to go and spend the day. or days and days… i wouldn’t want to leave. so much beauty! love the shot of your daughter with the daffodils

  13. AWESOME! And fritillarias! That’s what I saw at Wisley and didn’t have a clue what it’s name was – you see you learn something every day!

    Such a seriously good looking place to visit – and your photos are charming – oh happy days! Thank you thank you thank you for joining in again!

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