Wanted: Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burgler

When this new book arrived, I just knew that it was going to be one that Boo and I enjoyed..

wanted ralfy rabbitWanted: Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burgler by Emily MacKenzie

Some rabbits dream about lettuces and carrots, others dream of flowering meadows and juicy dandelions, but Ralfy dreams only of books. In fact, he doesn’t just dream about them, he wants to read them ALL THE TIME. Soon his obsession sends him spiralling into a life of crime!

Out to buy in paperback 18/12/14

Bloomsbury Publishing



OK, so we have here Ralfy, a rabbit, that just loves books. Loves them so much that he feels compelled to sneak into people’s houses to read more. Then he takes it to the next level and takes the books home with him. Until he encounters a fellow bookworm and his sneaky little activities become known….!

ralfy rabbitralfy rabbit1ralfy rabbit2

We love this book! As Boo and I are quite partial to books ourselves, we can relate to Ralfy, though I should stress that we’ve never stolen books to feed our habits! The illustrations are fun and colourful, I do like that page there where Ralfy’s made his lists (along with carrot ratings) and it is a sweet ending, too. It reminds us all that we have endless books available to us, for free, in our libraries, and the author does want to remind us all of that. I certainly spent many a happy childhood hour in our local library and this has reminded me that we’ve not visited ours recently, so I’ll pop that on our list of things to do over the holidays…

What do you think of this one? Something you can see your little ones enjoying?

Disclosure: We received this book FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own.

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