Warwick Castle – A Must-Visit this Summer

We have been to Warwick Castle a few times this year so far, and we will definitely be there again this summer. I love the history, of course, and the kids and the Husband love exploring the grounds, watching the shows,  climbing the towers, and so much more. This is why I’m sharing with you why I think Warwick Castle is a must-visit this summer, and with the school holidays on the horizon, perhaps it’s one to pop in your diary.

Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix Warwick Castle photography.
Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix Warwick Castle photography.

Let me preface this post with the fact that I am a Warwick Castle ambassador this year, so we all have annual passes to visit as we please. What I’d also like to point out is that we have long been  fans of Warwick Castle, taking the kids several times before we were ambassadors, which is why we are happy to be ambassadors!

If you’ve yet to visit Warwick Castle or you’ve not been for a while, then here’s what you can expect, assuming you visit during the school holidays. Just double check the timings and what’s on section if not, as not all shows run throughout term time but the beautiful castle is still there and many of these activities are still there.

These are our favourite things to see and do at Warwick Castle:

The Mighty Trebuchet

The Mighty Trebuchet

This is more than ‘just’ the firing of the huge trebuchet, there is atmosphere and the history of how this was once used in battle, adding to the tension as it prepares to fire. Along with that, they get the crowd shouting out and joining in with the countdown. It’s a fun one to watch, don’t miss it.

Peacocks Roaming the Gardens

The gardens themselves are beautiful with a great outlook, but it’s the peacocks that are the big draw for the kids. They love looking for them and at them, and they all look so comfortable to be strolling around there.

Wars of the Roses Live

Wars of the Roses Live

So, so good! Performances, jousting, sword fighting and more. The history of the Wars of the Roses is told throughout this half an hour show and I cannot recommend it enough. It brings the tos and fros of the wars to life and there’s something so exciting about the horses thundering up and down, and again, the crowd most definitely get involved in the shouting, booing and celebrating.

The Kingmaker Exhibition

My son loves seeing the preparations for battle, my daughter enjoys reading about the history and listens as I witter on about the Kingmaker. Unfortunately for her I really enjoyed studying fifteenth century England so I get quite chatty!

Horrible Histories Maze

As you enter there are passports that need stamping, and the stamping stations are scattered throughout the maze, where different ages in history are represented. You might find yourself in WWI trenches or getting lost in the Measly Middle Ages.

Birds of Prey

The Bird of Prey Show
I have to be honest and say I was a bit ‘meh’ about seeing this, but I was so wrong! It’s a wonderful show to see and there tend to be two on each day, both with different birds and stories, so well worth stopping by.

There are also the grounds to explore, the state rooms to investigate, towers to climb and a playground to conquer.

All of these things are within the price of your ticket, the only optional extras there are the VIP Experiences and the Castle Dungeon.

There are also breaks available in their Knights Village now, which looks absolutely brilliant. We will be staying there in a few weeks time, so look out for my post all about that soon. Can’t wait!

Will this be on your summer holidays must-visit list?

Disclosure: I am a Warwick Castle ambassador, receiving free entry to the castle. All photos courtesy of Warwick Castle. 

Warwick Castle – A Must-Visit this Summer

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