Which Wedding Venue Is Right For You?

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It’s with a strange and impeccable sense of timing that Simply Be sent over this rather handy infographic to me today about choosing the right wedding venue.

You see tomorrow it’s mine and the Husband’s wedding anniversary, so I have actually had my own wedding on my mind today. Take a peek at this, and do tell me, which of these did you, or would you, go for?

Which Wedding Venue Is Right For You?

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We actually went for somewhere between two of these options, as we married in an historic building (I know, you’re surprised I’d choose this!) that is also now an elegant hotel, Coombe Abbey. We didn’t want a big wedding, and we actually had just nine guests, our immediate family, with us. So when we were looking around, I knew we wanted somewhere we could stay, somewhere with a sense of history and somewhere that would accommodate a small party.

We got married on a Friday, a little after 4pm so that dusk was starting to fall and candles were lit and then after the photographs we all made our way to the bar and then to our meal. As there were few of us, we could all choose whatever we fancied to eat, no need for set meals, and all I remember was having big chunky chips stacked up like Jenga and then I think I went for a cheesecake, though I’m not sure! We all stayed over and enjoyed breakfast together the next day, and the following day the Husband and I (and I do remember the novelty of being able to say ‘husband’ for the first time!) flew out to Cyprus.

Ah, so many years ago now, we’ll have been married fifteen years tomorrow. Yet it feels like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. I’m looking forward to the next fifteen and then some.

How did you decide which wedding venue was right for you?

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