We’re Going to Wychwood Festival!

wychwood festival

I am excited. Next month we will be taking the children to their very first festival. In fact, I think it’s the Husband’s very first festival, too.

We’re off to Wychwood festival at Cheltenham race course at the end of May.

There is so much to do there, and so I’ll share a little of it with you here, to give you an idea why I’m so excited!

There are live bands, as you’d expect. There are over 100 bands on 4 stages over the three days. Acts such as Boney M, UB40, Dr and the Medics, The Proclaimers, and the act that’ll clearly be a HUGE hit with my two, Justin Fletcher!

The Wonder Stuff acoustic will be playing, too. I was a huge Stuffies fan back in the day, and in fact the last festival that I went to was to see them playing their, at the time, last ever gig. Happy memories.

There’s a children’s literature festival, in association with Waterstones. We’re really keen to see Paul Stickland, as we love Dinosaur Roar, and there’ll also be other fabulous names there like Anna Wilson, The Shapeshifter series creator Ali Sparkes, Petr Horacek, Giancarlo Gremin, Steve Antony, Steve Cole, Chris Edge, John Dougherty, Cathy Cassidy, Philip Adagh, Tracey Corderoy, Matt Brown and Tony de Saulles. I want to listen to them all, of course.

There will be artists and makers to see at work, which I think will be fascinating, stalls to browse, a roller disco and 6 areas of workshops to explore and experience. With the themes Seaside, Forest, City, Hillside, Meadow and Mountain Side, they’ll include drama, dance, comedy, puppetry, magic, creative crafts and more. If I know my kids, we’ll be spending a lot of time in these areas.

There’ll also be lots of of different foods on offer, so I’m looking forward to trying something new, a Real Ale festival and comedy acts.

With so much going on, I’m not sure where we’ll start first, so I’m thinking I’ll let the children take the lead and we’ll get involved with whatever they fancy doing. Should be fun!

The festival runs for three days, the 29th-31st May, and you can buy both weekend and day tickets now. Pop over to Wychwood Festival’s website for the full information and maybe I’ll see you there?

Disclosure: We have free tickets to the festival. Clearly, all words and excitement are my own.

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18 thoughts on “We’re Going to Wychwood Festival!”

  1. This sounds brilliant, what a great experience for the kids! I’ve never been to a festival either but this would really appeal! Can’t wait to hear how you get on xx

  2. We’re going to Wychwood too! Although just on the Saturday. We went last year and absolutely loved it, although last year The Levellers played and this year they’re not, so that’s a disappointment! I also think I’m going to miss The Wonder Stuff too 🙁 I saw them supporting The Levellers a few years back.

    1. Oh, brilliant! Great to hear that you loved it, as I’m really looking forward to it. Ah, yes, I remember that now, as I recall you being a huge Levellers fan x

  3. This made me smile. I can practically feel your excitement! Sounds fun, we’re taking the kids to the Lunar festival (although just for the day) as its local and Julian Cope is playing as are The Bootleg Beatles. I’m not terribly sure Julian Cope is very child friendly if I’m honest, based on previous experiences, but The Bootleg Beatles should be OK!! We’ll have to com are our experiences 🙂 x

    1. I am excited! We’ll probably just go for the day, too, so we’ll see how much we can cram in in that time. Have fun at Lunar x

  4. Giggling at your disclosure of excitement is my own!!
    I’ve not heard about this but I read Justin Fletcher & know the girls would love! I would be bopping to Boney M & UB40 as my parents had them on a lot when I was growing up!!
    Have a Fabulous time xx

  5. Hi Jocelyn, I’ve never heard of the Wychwood Festival, but it sounds perfect with something for everyone (love the bands, takes me back to my youth).

    Have a great time!

  6. That sounds brilliant, I have heard of it as it is fairly local to me but we have never been. I would love to do a festival this year as we have never taken the children to one.

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