We’ve 2 New Readings!

Boo expressed an interest in having a pet. Luckily, she was looking at fish as an option, and that’s something that this household is very well-equipped to do. We already have an aquarium that we’d popped in the shed when Boo was a baby, and my brother manages an aquatic shop, Ripples Waterlife, so I was more than happy to encourage the fish idea!

It started with the aquarium clean-up..


Then we filled it with water, a fresh filter, and left it to settle for two weeks, as instructed by my brother. Then, it was fish-choosing day – hooray! Off we went, discussing fish and names on the way there, and of course, Boo was looking forward to seeing her uncle. She made her selections and chose herself a little ornament, whilst Little Man rushed about shouting in excitement at all of the fish!

Boo kept the fish in her foot-well all the way home, and then it was time to get them settled in, getting them used to the water temperature first..


And then they were named – meet Mickey and Minnie (complete with new Nemo ornament!)


She was desperate to feed them, so we’ve had a conversation about being careful not to overfeed them – we’ll see how that goes! She enjoys this part, and loves to sit and stare at them..


And then we rounded the evening off by starting to fill in Boo’s ‘My Pet Poster’ that we’d bought her ready, for her birthday a couple of weeks ago.


She’s now a responsible fish-mummy, and so far, is taking that quite seriously 😉

Do your children have pets? What have they chosen?

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18 thoughts on “We’ve 2 New Readings!”

  1. What lovely fish! She looks so happy bless her I love what you’ve done with the aquarium I always kill me fish I have no idea what I do wrong so we have hamsters instead! I really like that poster you have for boo what a fab idea x

  2. That’s lovely! Monkey mentioned a guinea pig randomly the other day. No idea where that idea came from. Luckily he hasn’t mentioned it again – not keen on that idea. We’ve got Brewster, if we could trust him I might be persuaded to have fish. Not sure Daddy P would be happy though. I do think kids should have pets though, we had all sorts at home when i was little.

    1. We had loads when I was little, too. We do have Harry, but the fish are specifically hers, which she seems to really like!

  3. I love your aquarium! Where did you get it? I think that if Tibbons wants a pet when he’s a bit older we’ll try to steer him down the fish route. I’d love to be able to have a dog but space and time don’t allow for it at the moment. Pleased to hear Boo is enjoying her new role and responsibility, it must be very sweet to watch.

    1. Thanks! Got it from my brother, at Ripples Waterlife. It’s fab – funky looking and the lighting on it’s clever, too. She is taking it seriously (though they’d be dead by now if I let her feed them as often as she wants to!). We’ve got our dog, too, and I’d say he’s considerably more maintenance!

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