What Does The Tooth Fairy Pay?

At nearly 6, Boo has lost two bottom teeth so far, and was beyond excited when the first one came out – a chance for the tooth fairy to visit! She got her little velvety pouch ready, and carefully placed her little tooth inside it. All was well, until she decided she wanted to look at it just one more time and dropped it. It’s not easy to spot a teeny milk tooth on a cream carpet, I can tell you! There were tears and several searches until we eventually found it and all was well again.

To be honest, I don’t think it would have mattered whether she’d have received a penny or a tenner, she just wanted the magic of the tooth fairy visit and something to put into her money box. We actually went for 50p, which it turns out, is way below the national average, but why pay more if she’s happy, right?!

Sunlife have looked into what the tooth fairy pays children all over the UK, with a fair bit of variance and it looks like kids in Scotland are getting the best deal, and some children are even getting £5 per tooth…..

The Great British Tooth Fairy

So what is the tooth fairy’s going rate in your home these days?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Sunlife

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6 thoughts on “What Does The Tooth Fairy Pay?”

  1. This was a debate we had in our house too, but in the end we were swayed by my daughter’s peers as they lost their teeth before her. They were all averaging a £2 coin for their first tooth and £1 for all subsequent teeth (yes, there was a sliding scale!) so that’s what we’ve gone with! Interesting to see where we sit compared to the rest of the UK!

  2. I agree, it’s mostly about the magic. I’m glad everything turned out well for Boo.
    However, as they get older, numbers and $ start to matter more! It’s “Perez the mouse” in these latitudes and he pays from 2 and 4 or even 5 pounds. Once, he made a mistake and payed twice! Lucky boy was thrilled! My husband and I were very surprised… you can imagine!


  3. Hi Jocelyn, it’s a tricky one that. The tooth fairy was quite generous over here and my two got two Euros per tooth. It wasn’t that long ago when my daughter lost a tooth and still put the tooth under her pillow. We still joke about the tooth fairy and Father Christmas, so I was one step ahead and knew what she was planning and she woke up to find her two Euros under her pillow.

    I do think that a fiver a tooth seems a little steep…. Maybe I should try it myself!


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