What Is Happy Mail?

What is happy mail? 

This is a question I’m often asked, and it always causes me to pause because it’s so clear to me, but I can see that it’s not a term that everyone will have heard of or use.

Similarly, happy mail is often referred to as snail mail, another term that might not be familiar to everyone. 

mail art

I think more people would understand if you say ‘pen pals’, so if you’re reading this and wondering, is ‘happy mail’ starting to make sense to you now?

When I was at school, I remember the excitement of being assigned a pen pal from another country to write to. That was back in the 80s and it certainly wasn’t a new thing back then so I’m guessing most people will know and understand what a pen pal is.

‘Happy mail’ is post that makes the recipient pleased and happy to receive it. And it cuts both ways, as it would have made the sender happy to write and post it too. 

It’s also sometimes called ‘snail mail’ as it’s mail the slow way. Email is super speedy, a letter through the post takes a little more time. 

I suppose then, you’re wondering why you’d send snail mail in a time when we can connect with one another, world over, in seconds. 

Email, text, social media, what’s the point of happy mail?

Because it makes you happy! 

There is an ever growing movement keen to send more happy mail out in the world. And I am of course one hundred per cent behind it.

When you usually have a mailbox full of junk mail or bills, it really makes a difference to spy a handwritten letter in amongst it all.

Happy mail can brighten up a day.

Having a pen pal means you get to stop and slow down when you write to them, a moment to reflect and share what’s been happening with you. It means you can be creative, if you’d like to be, in putting together your mail. I do say time and time again that this isn’t a requirement here, it’s an added extra if you want it to be.

I’ve shared several lovely reasons to have pen pals before, it’s got to be up there with those great hobbies for your mental health as you connect with others, and relax and get creative. 

Bring Back Paper Happy Mail Parcel

Happy mail makes you smile. It’s fun to put together, and it’s always a good day when you spy brightly coloured envelopes in your post box. 

Happy mail is for all. There aren’t certain people who get to have happy mail in their lives, and those who don’t. Everyone can! It could be you, why not?

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘yes, I’d love to receive some of this happy mail’, then why not give it a try?

This video might give you some ideas for writing to a pen pal for the first time, and there are plenty more videos over on my channel to help you…

I shared Start to Pen Pal in 3 Easy Steps that should be able to get you going with this and do keep your eye on this blog next week as I might be able to give you a helping hand with finding yourself a pen pal or two. 

What do you think? Could happy mail be for you?

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