What Time Is Too Early For PJ’s?

For some people, winding down from the day is about gin. For me it’s about PJ’s.*

Last week I was having a day where I wanted to be in my PJ’s at 3pm. Yes, it was that kind of day.

My daughter was poorly for the third day, so we’d barely left the house for three days, and whilst she’s not a demanding patient in the slightest, she had had us up through the night so I was operating on around 3 hours of broken sleep.

All would have been easy enough if it were just the two of us, but the three year old was clearly feeling the effects of staying in and was pushing every boundary humanly possible. So all I wanted to do was get into my PJ’s.

Is this a normal response? They’re just so comforting, right?

I will always be in my pyjamas by 7pm, often earlier (can I just stress at this point that this is only if I am not going out.

I will put actual clothes on for an evening out, do not worry). It got me thinking, is this weird? Am I alone in this?

They are comfortable, they signal that I am now ready to relax and I can’t imagine sitting down for the evening still in my jeans.

It's Never Too Early For PJ's

I was having a discussion recently with my sister-in-law about lounge-wear and it’s purpose. It feels pretty similar to nightwear, we think, so what is the point?

Is it more OK to answer the door in sweats than your dressing gown? Perhaps that’s it, but it just seems like an unnecessary extra step to us!

When I went out to work, I would always change out of my suit as soon as I came home, and it seemed pointless to put clothes on for a couple of hours only to then put nightwear on, so I went straight for pyjamas.

Problem is, now I’m often home for the day by 4pm, after the school run, which it surely too early, isn’t it?! Though if we get caught in a heavy downpour, and it seems to be a statistical probability that the heavens do open at around 3pm every day, then that is clearly an excuse to get into them on arriving home. No question.

I kind of feel that once you’re home, it’s OK. If that’s what you want, then do it, right?

Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough. What do you think, what time is too early for PJ’s? I’m thinking that it’s never too early…

*Oh, OK, maybe sometimes it’s about gin, too


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24 thoughts on “What Time Is Too Early For PJ’s?”

  1. Kimberlye Richardson

    It’s definitely never too early fir pj’s. I used to come home from work after the pickup rounds for the kids and my youngest just wanted to be in her pj’s. She was like this from the day she could ask for them (seriously). She still does it after school and my husband or I have to warn her as she comes in if there are still errands to run before she escapes to her room and puts them on (Yes, she still showers later in the night just in case that thought was there). I’d come home from work and throw on jeans and a comfy tee for years. Then, I started taking a note from my youngest. I unwound faster from my day in my pj’s. If I put on sweats, it’s because I’m sleeping in them. If there are no plans and no expected guests, then why not? I much prefer my comfy pj’s and I think that by the time my day is done, I should be able to unwind comfortably. I don’t usually wear night gowns, so I don’t know how I’d feel about that (might have to stick some pj shorts on for a bit), but it’s about being home, decompressing, and enjoying the comfort of home in our own way. We shouldn’t feel like we are always on the go. The world is hectic enough as it is. Truly, I concur to a pj trend after the major tasks of our day is done. I love my pj time. Thanks for sharing and I hope all is well with your daughter. We can never truly catch up on lost sleep, but I wish you a restful night.

    1. Ah,so lovely to hear from a kindred spirit! It does feel so much more relaxed, your daughter clearly knew what she was doing and it’s great that you’ve taken her lead. And thanks, my girl is well now.

  2. You’re just like my OH. When he gets home he’ll always go for PJs first. I’m more of a loungewear girl; something that’s light and warm but not PJs. There’s always so much to do in the evening (for me, anyway) and I know if my PJs go on none of my chores will be finished – there’s something about PJs and bed which is too great a connection for me to break!
    As for timing; 4pm may be a bit early for me lol, but then it’s your house so I’d say do what makes you feel happy!

    PS: I’m always out of my PJs before the school run,

    1. They’re just so comfy! Yes, 4pm would be an unusual case for me, but I’d never rule it out! And like you, I do always dress in the morning! X

  3. Today I was in my PJ’s at about 3.20pm. I got soaked on the school run and I just wanted to get cosy.
    Most days I am put my pj’s on after my tea. Sometimes as early as 4pm.
    When we don’t have plans on a weekend I live in my PJ’s….My postman is used to seeing me in them & the Tesco delivery people don’t bat an eyelid. hahaha

  4. Ithink it’s never too early for PJ’s or lounging around clothes, once I’m home I like to feel relaxed and comfortable, I do feel a little self concious if I have to answer the door but I’m sure they have seen worse than me in my scruffs 🙂

  5. My husband often gives me the ‘Oh gosh! You’re in your PJ’s already?!’ look, but I’m far more comfortable than he is… So I’m clearly the winner!! I’m often home around 6pm, despite working in jeans all day, I just want to get out of them ASAP. What’s the point of putting another pair of jeans on? Or something else, for that matter… Unless I’m going out! So I’m with you all the way. The comfort & relaxed nature of PJ’s wins every time. It’s never too early.

  6. We’re always in PJs as soon as we’re in for the night in our household. I tend to keep a cardigan on over mine so I don’t feel like I”m completely in my nightwear, but my OH will go straight for the PJs and dressing gown. He came home form his last meeting at 5 today and got straight in to them, I was already in them! They’re just so comfy! 🙂

  7. I usually get into my pj’s at the same time as the children so around 6pm. Nothing like relaxing on the sofa in your pj’s in the evening then you can just brush your teeth and go straight to bed. 3pm is a bit early for me they’d probably get covered in the baby’s dinner!!

  8. Absolutely it’s never too early! My OH totally disagrees though and never puts pj’s on until actually going to bed, so we do look rather mis-matched on the sofa – obviously he’s the one missing out 😉

  9. Talking to the wrong girl here, it’s monday and I’ve been in my pjs ALL DAY heck sometimes I put jeans and coat over the damn things (most days to be frank, on the school run too but, no one knows, I wouldn’t openly wear my jammies out or my slippers!) Anyway…I’m a staunch supporter of the pj’s and I say they go on whenever! I think my postman would faint if I answered the door fully clothed if I’m dressed I’m still at least wearing a dressing gown! Haha

  10. Absolutely never too early – It’s a running joke that I live in my pjs. I just don’t get why you’d make more washing for barely a few hours after work, in fact some days on the weekend if I don’t have plans I don’t get dressed at all! Until I shower and put clean pjs on haha

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