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What’s Happening With Bring Back Paper Memberships

Today I just wanted to drop by and share an update on what’s happening with Bring Back Paper Memberships.

They are all launched now and we are enjoying our very first month with the new membership tiers in place. Now that it is all up and running, I thought it would be a good idea to share the details to give you an inside look. 

It’s been a learning curve for me, getting used to finding my way around a new platform and working out what does and doesn’t work. Fortunately, our founding members are lovely and flag any niggles with me straightaway so that I can fix them! All seems to running smoothly and I think I know how to share and do everything now. 

Bring Back Paper Memberships

Bring Back Paper memberships are a chance to do a little more each month. And more papery fun and me-time can only be a good thing, right?

If you’ve not yet seen these, I have a page sharing more details, so you can read all about Bring Back Paper Memberships there. 

Monthly Writing Paper

I’ve added monthly writing paper to both tiers of membership.

Every month, members will be able to pop over to their membership page and download their exclusive writing paper. It’s ‘rainbow’ paper this month. 

There will always be both blank and lined versions, with a ‘hello’ on one sheet, and no greeting on the other. As it’s available as an instant download, members can print off as many copies as they want, when they want. No need to buy writing paper again! 

rainbow paper

Ongoing Pen Pal Sign Up

All members are entitled to join in with an ongoing pen pal sign up. 

I love this aspect of the membership and it was actually one of the key areas driving memberships for me. I have so many requests for pen pals, way more than I can accommodate during the sign up windows I run on the blog two or three times a year. 

Memberships allow me create an ongoing pen pal database, meaning that I can run this all year round. For members who choose to opt in for this activity, it means that from time to time I will contact them with a suitable pen pal for them to start writing to. It’s an added perk that will come out of the blue! 

Bring Back Paper Membership Monthly Activities

Our very first activity is up and running! This month, we are taking part in a winter-themed swap.

The way these activities work is that at the start of each month, I share a video for members-only around a certain theme. In this case, it was winter-themed happy mail. 

The exclusive video itself might be all that members want sometimes, as it serves to give ideas and inspiration. Or they can take the next step and join in with the activity. 

I already have next month’s lined up and ready to go at the start of January, and it’s more of a tutorial and encouragement around a papery hobby. All will soon be revealed! 

Bring Back Paper Happy Mail Parcel

Happy Mail Parcels

Tier 2 members all receive a happy mail parcel monthly. It’s like a Bring Back Paper subscription service. 

Additionally, one tier 1 member will also receive a parcel, as one member is chosen at random every month. 

I have had fun putting these together! Choosing the items to include is half the fun, then the other half is actually in preparing the parcels. 

My latest YouTube upload shares me putting together the very first Bring Back Paper Happy Mail parcels, so if you’d like to have a peek at those, check this out now:

Other Bonuses

Members are also voting on content, guiding me by telling me what they want to see and do next. They are the voice of the entire BBP series, as they control a lot of the blog and YouTube content I create.

They also receive a fun digital print and a 20% discount over at my Etsy store, Jocelyn Loves Paper. From time to time, there will also be bonus products included too, things that I love to create and share. 

And that’s just about everything that’s happening right now with these. I am thoroughly enjoying running these and thinking up new content, activities and happy mail for everyone. I hope the members involved are enjoying it just as much and are looking forward to all that I have planned for next year!

Any and all are welcome as members, I have plenty of people in both the UK and overseas joining in. All you need do to get involved it pop over to my membership page and sign up! 


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