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I should be finishing with my Open University degree in the next few weeks. I have drafts of my two End of Module Assessments, so I’ll revisit those again next week and work on final revisions before sending them in. My studying has really taken up a lot of my time and thoughts over recent weeks and months, so whilst it’ll be good to be free of it, I think I’ll find it strange and will miss it.

Then as we’re off to Disney World soon, I’ll also be finished with all of the planning around that, and there has been plenty of planning and time taken up talking about it, watching YouTube videos and reading Orlando trip reports. Back here in June, with no holiday to plan and no studying to do, I’m going to feel very free. So what next?

Yes, I do plan to work here more, both blogs and vlogs, and maybe a little freelancing. But I know me, I know I’ll need more.

I always have to have something. My mind has to be busy, really busy. I like having lots on the go.

In my career, I moved from role to role relatively quickly, mastering something and then moving onto the next rung of the ladder, needing the variety to keep me happy. I went from a busy, responsible job where I was always juggling so many things to then having Boo. Boo kept me busy, then I started a business. Then I had Little Man and toddler Boo to keep me busy and then I started this blog. When the blog became established I resumed my degree, before Little Man started nursery. Then I managed it with him around for most of the time, and this blog. Then in September I had both kids at school so I upped my degree to full time for my final year. Along with blogging. The point is, I like to be busy, you see? I like having projects on the go, things to arrange, to plan, to keep my head ticking.

So what else could I do with all of this time and more importantly, freed up head space?

Obviously I’ll spend a lot of it here, on The Reading Residence. But even with this, there are lots of possibilities. I could totally revamp my blog. Give it a new look, develop a new series, give it a fresh focus. Get those papery gift boxes ready to go and sold. Get round to a photography course, throw myself into learning more, get the SEO bits sorted, have more fun on social media. Oh, there are so many things I could do here, it’s probably a whole other blog post!

I could redecorate the house, a room at a time. It could do with a face-lift. I really want to turn the playroom into a study/library all for me. I wonder when the kid won’t need those toys any more…?

I could take on another course. I like learning and there are so many things I’d still like to try.

I could plan more holidays. Hardly any hardship, is it? Could be fun. Of course to do this, I really need to spend more time on blogging to actually fund them!

I could get a puppy. One day we will, we miss having a dog around. Maybe one day.

I could start a whole new career. Admittedly this isn’t something I was planning to do until the kids are a little older, but you never know where my thoughts might take me.

I could offer a service planning Disney holidays – I’d be so happy!

I could start a business, I’ve a few ideas. I always have a few ideas.

I could take up a new hobby – I quite fancy fencing, badminton or running.

I could bake again and experiment with cooking different meals for us all each day.

I could de-clutter and rearrange the whole house, from every cupboard to every drawer.

I could write a book. They say we all have one book in us, don’t they? Maybe I do?

The Husband knows what I’m like. He’s not a big fan of change. But he knows what I’m like. He’s no doubt already bracing himself to see what I come up with!

So many possibilities, I’m quite excited to see what the next few months will bring.

Ah, but first, I really must concentrate on getting this degree finished….see you on the other side…

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15 thoughts on “What’s Next? – So Many Possibilities”

  1. The possibilities are endless ! I’m at the same stage where I’m deciding what to do once Jake goes full-time to school I September. I need to decided which direction to go in, but like you I love having lots of things gong on at once so it’s going to be a tough choice. Best of luck with whatever you decide, p.s totally excited for the papery subscription box 🙂

    1. It’s nice to have lots of ideas and options, isn’t it? Look forward to seeing what you get up to, too! x

  2. Good luck with the EMAs. I’ve got my final TMA due this week and then EMA at title end of May. Cannot wait! I’ve started my bucket list of stuff to do after the degree is over, so much so spare time!

    1. Thanks! Yes, same deadlines for me, I’m just working ahead to allow for our holiday. Best of luck with yours!

  3. So many possibilities, I look forward to seeing what’s next ? sometimes I wonder what life will look like when ours are all off at school – maybe a masters, book, growing the Mama Book? We will see!

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