What’s On Your Bedside Table?

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What’s on your bedside table?

Do you even have a bedside table? They can be so useful for storage and keeping a few essentials close to hand.

There’s actually very little on mine. There’s a lamp for me to read by and then my book is placed there each night. Along with my glasses, that’s it. And of course my glasses are put straight back on when I wake up and I pop my book back downstairs then in case I want to dip into it that day or evening. Which means that all day, there is nothing but a lamp on my bedside table. That’s it.

Can you tell that I don’t like clutter? Most of the house is clutter-free and tidy, so it stands to reason that my bedside table will be the same.

I prefer things to be tidy and clear, I really do think that it helps my mind to function better. I struggle when I am surrounded by ‘things’. I’m not alone, as it seems that clutter can effect your well-being. Apparently, it is entirely possible that a messy room could be the reason that you’re struggling to sleep. It can make it difficult to drop off to sleep and also contribute to poor quality sleep. And we all know the slippery slope that being tired can put you on, as everything is always so much easier and better when you are well-rested, isn’t it?

I do think that having a bedside table in itself helps me to keep the room organised, as the thought of putting things on the floor or spread over other surfaces just seems untidy to me. I find clutter-free living relatively easy as I don’t really keep hold of things unless I need them. This means that whenever new things come in, older things go, so there is always room for everything. It’s that old adage about everything having its place. It’s also down to genuine laziness, as it is far easier to clean clear surfaces than cluttered ones!

If your bedroom isn’t quite the tidy peaceful environment that you would like, I found this on creating a clutter-free bedroom, which is a handy step by step to getting the look that you want. It should make your room much more conducive to a good night’s sleep and you’ll be able to relax properly in there. To enjoy it more, perhaps treat yourself to a few new items of furniture and accessories. I love buying new duvet sets as they give the room an entirely fresh look and I do enjoy a fresh bedding day, such a simple little pleasure. And of course, you can spruce up your bedside table with accessories, a new lamp, flowers, candles, whatever works for you, just don’t go overboard on the clutter!

Which all brings me back to my original and nosy question, what’s on your bedside table?

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  1. I agree with you. I love the clutter-free aesthetic too. I do have to work at that a bit but it’s well worth it for the relaxing feeling it provides.

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