What’s Your Shopping Style? – Tell Me & You Might Win a £60 Amazon Voucher!

OK, everyone must be shopping right now – the world and his dog seem to be out there! Me, I prefer to get some shopping done earlier (you may have read about my hoarding here!) and then I tend to hibernate and do lots of it on-line as the sales and bargains hit. The shops get so busy at this time of year, though if I do have to go, I go in the week. The weekend’s are for parks not shops at this time of year, and it seems that the colder weather manages to put people off parks and playgrounds, so they’re lovely and quiet 🙂

What about you? Have you got your shopping done? Do you get out there or rely on the internet?

barclaycard_corp_blueI was interested to see recently that Barclaycard have teamed up with Brunel University to do some research into people’s shopping style.

Dr. Dorothy A. Yen, retail expert from Brunel University, said:

“It’s been fascinating to look at how modern life and the economic climate have impacted on our shopping habits. As a nation, we’ve evolved into incredibly sophisticated shopping experts. Some of us are clearly savvier than others but with the wealth of deals and loyalty incentives out there, we’ve all developed a system that works for us. What was particularly interesting for us was the clear emergence of four very specific shopping ‘tribes’ who encompass the key consumer attributes most prevalent at the checkout – real or virtual – today.”

So, UK shoppers can be defined now in four tribes, and I had a feeling which one I’d fall into when I saw the tribes. So, I took the short quiz to find out what my style is – I’m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer! Of course I am! I always check around for best deals, coupon codes, loyalty points, Clubcard vouchers, use Kidstart – whatever I can do to make those pennies go a little further and ensure I can buy the best possible gifts. It says:

  • You’re most likely to be female, married or living with your partner and living in the north of the UK.
  • You lot are busy. Two thirds of you cleverly juggle your home, work and financial life.
  • You’re not easily tempted by big discounts, only 35% of you have ever bought a non-essential item you didn’t need because of a special offer.
  • Home really is where the heart is – 42% of you selflessly save your loyalty card points up for treats for the family.
  • You’re certainly not one to rush into Christmas shopping. You’ll bide your time and wait until the right price comes up – meaning you’ll likely strike the final week before Christmas.
  • Bargain hunting’s in your blood. Once you smell a bargain, the hunt is on – two thirds of you regularly shop around different stores and websites to get the best deal before settling on a purchase.

This is actually pretty accurate – I was impressed!

So, I now invite you to take the quiz, too, and for just those few seconds of your time, you could be in with a chance of winning £60 of Amazon vouchers – my kind of bargain deal! Here’s the link..

What’s Your Shopping Style questionnaire 

Once you’ve found out your style, leave a comment to let me know what it is and enter your details into the Rafflecopter. And if you head on over to the Barclaycard website, you can find out more information about the Freedom Rewards Credit Card there, too.

Looking forward to finding out what everyone else is now…!Prize draw ends 9th December, and terms and conditions are included in the Rafflecopter.

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This post was written in collaboration with Barclaycard.

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390 thoughts on “What’s Your Shopping Style? – Tell Me & You Might Win a £60 Amazon Voucher!”

  1. I’m a screen saver, i thought i was more of a bargain hunter , thanks for the chance to win this, good luck everyone xx

  2. I’m a Screen Saver which is quite accurate, I like shopping from home and getting things at the best prices after price comparing online.

  3. I love to save money on what I need – buying out of season for next year works for me though best to stick to classic designs!

  4. I’m a high street pounder but I’d disagree as I shop online most of the time! It seemed to ignore that answer.

  5. according to the survey, i am a Screen Saver, although I don’t particularly see myself in the description given…!

  6. According to the Barclaycard shopping quiz, I’m a High Street Pounder…sounds exhausting. Much prefer online shopping :-). (@emmad77)

  7. Katherine De Riera

    I*m a Screen Saver which doesn’t surprise me at all! i love shopping online and find lots of bargains that way!

  8. It says I am a screen saver so I think I must have pressed something wrong as I did say I bought mostly in store!

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