When Do They Stop Running?

When do they stop running?

I was musing on this the other day.

At what point in my kids’ childhood will they stop running?

My daughter, at 6, runs everywhere. Why walk back in from the garden when you can run? Why walk upstairs to get dressed when you can run? Why walk from shop to shop when you can run? The excitement, energy and enthusiasm that she displays in everything that she does is wonderful to see.

Siblings November4

Similarly, everything is an adventure to them.

The promise of being able to choose anything that they want from Poundland has them squealing with excitement. Taking a ride with Daddy to collect a takeaway is something they literally jump up and down over. A chance to wash the car has them both running eagerly to get the bucket and help.

At this age, any adventure or game with Mummy or Daddy is utterly fantastic, and if they get both of us involved at once? The dream! We are their very favourite people in the whole world, the ones that they want to spend all of their time with.

But when does it stop? When do they slow down and just stroll along? When do they barely raise their head up from what they’re doing to acknowledge that we’re off to collect a takeaway? When do they sigh when asked to do something with their parents? Because these things will happen, I know that they will, and I can already feel a lump in my throat forming at the thought of it as I write this.

I know that with different ages comes different parenting and different fun and enjoyment. I imagine that when they stop running, perhaps they’ll start sleeping? A lie-in would be welcome.

But although its frequently exhausting and at times exasperating, I revel in the zest for life that my children have. I hope that this stage lasts a little longer, that they continue to draw me into their worlds and that I can keep on summoning up the energy to go with them. It won’t be forever so I need to grab hold of this.

I know it will be a sad day when they stop running.

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8 thoughts on “When Do They Stop Running?”

  1. Kimberlye Richardson

    My girls did not slow down until around 14. Honestly, they still had/have bursts every now and then at this age where they are excited and can not only go… but stay up all night and sleep in for half of the day. Sadly, it does come though. There have not yet been times that they don’t want to be around mom or are embarassed as some parents have dealt with, and I am grateful for that. You still have as much time as you give. Different personalities of children do make a difference, but I do think that a lot of that has to do with being just as interested in what they are doing so that they stay and connect with you and the things you are doing. Don’t worry too much about when things change just yet. Sometimes that energy is limitless and you still have more than enough years of energy to look forward to. XOXO

    1. Thank you. It’s lovely to hear that your girls still have bursts and how close you all are. I can’t ever imagine my daughter slowing down, she’s so full of energy and enthusiasm, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts xx

  2. I hadn’t realised before but they really do run everywhere. I hope they never stop, I love the excitement and urgency in everything they do x

    1. They are! I know, I love their energy and enthusiasm for pretty much anything – don’t want them to grow up! X

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