When The Kids Go Back To School

Just like that, the summer is over and we are back into the school routine again. As I write this, it’s a rainy Monday and it’s been a day of soggy school runs.

Little Man is now in Year 2 and Boo is in Year 5. They seem to be moving through school so quickly. We are looking round at secondary schools with Boo over the next couple of weeks, preparing ourselves. I can’t believe that in two years time she will be at one of them!

Boo seems so grown up all of a sudden. She looks older, she acts older and she is talking to me like she’s about five years older than she actually is – I am bracing myself for the next decade! Little Man turned 7 last week and I think I am still in denial about that. He is my baby, and yet I look at him and notice how mature and grown up he is getting. To be honest, ‘Little Man’ is something of a misnomer now, he is quite tall!

It’s funny how we get so used to the summer holidays and the lazy mornings, and then we are back on the school run and it feels like we have never been away. The kids are happy with their new teachers and at their school they remain with the same classmates throughout school so they are surrounded by their friends. They have returned to some of their after school activities and they have some new ones starting soon.

Herbie and I are finding our normal again. He is missing the kids each day, though he does get to have uninterrupted naps now! Unless it is raining (Herb really does not like rain) we tend to have a walk at some point each day and then I am normally at my desk for the rest of the time.

My copy-writing job is keeping me busy, which is good, and I am starting to find my flow again here. It was hard to create much content over the holidays as I kept my copy-writing going, so on the days that I wasn’t doing that I wanted to spend time with the kids rather than sit here and write. But I am back to it now and the ideas are beginning to come to me again.

September always feels like my new year. I don’t like actual new year, but I enjoy the September feeling. I like getting back to planning and organising, and with Boo’s birthday coming up soon and then the ‘C’ word on the horizon, I have plenty to plan for. And then there is Disney World a few weeks into the new year to plan for too – we cannot wait!

So I am here finding my routine and structure again, with a little dachshund never far from my side, getting used to the house being quiet once more.

How is your return to school going?

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