When You’ve Been Blogging For 7 Years

This blog is 7 years old this week. 7 years. Where has that time gone? SO yes, I have now been blogging for 7 years. 

When I started writing all those years ago, I would not have guessed that I’d still be here doing so now. It’s not something that I really thought that much about at all at the time. I remember chatting to a few bloggers on Twitter and then I decided that I’d like to do that so I started writing. Simple as that, really.

Back in those days, I remember spending hours and hours and hours reading and commenting on other blogs, chatting and sharing and building up my social media accounts, and writing at least seven blog posts a week, at least. And I still remember the joy of reaching that first magical 100 page views in a day.

It was a lot of work. Hard work? Well, it’s not exactly tough physical labour, is it, tapping away at the keyboard? But any blogger will know that it takes a lot of hours, a lot of teach yourself skills and a lot of ideas to grow a blog.

It’s fun, it’s enjoyable, but it takes a lot of time and effort!

It all seems like a lifetime ago now. Boo was just 3 years old and Little Man a baby when I started writing, things were so different then. I wrote more about kids’ activities and parenting and then over time, they moved on to nursery, to school, and now here I am with two kids at primary school.

As they grow, I write less about them and more home and lifestyle pieces, but they are still happy to be featured here.

Blogging for 7 years

In the past 7 years, I’ve also worked as a freelance writer and written hundreds of articles for others, completed my Open University degree, launched my own product range, and trained a crazy pup. It’s been busy, it’s been a bit of a blur, and it’s all been with thanks to this blog.

Blogging is a funny old thing, as it’s so hugely diverse and personal. Bloggers do things differently, they do things their own way, yet we are all somehow connected as we type away in our own homes.

When you work from home alone, it can be easy to feel isolated, but social media is only a click away and there are some lovely bloggers out there always happy to connect.

I wrote How You Can Support the Blogger in Your Life a while back which explains more about what it is that we do, as to the onlooker I know it can seem to be a strange venture. But when you blog, and when you’ve been doing it a while as I have, it feels completely normal.

I can’t imagine not doing it, but who knows whether I will still be here in another 7 years? Time will tell.

I have been proud to see how the blog has grown and developed over time. It’s shifted its focus a couple of times and the #bringbackpaper series continues to thrive and keep me busy.

At this stage, how time is spent changes and there is less time creating and more time on admin. I want to get back to creating.

After 7 years, I still get excited to work on new projects and collaborations and I still enjoy seeing a post become popular.

But somewhere along the line, probably due to being so busy copywriting and then thrust into a pandemic and home schooling, I’ve lost sight of all that I want to achieve. I’ve lost sight of how much I like creating content, and I’m not as good as celebrating successes and milestones any more.

I’ve actually hit quite a few this year and they’ve passed me by, probably as I spent my days teaching ratios, trying to draw upon my rusty old French and chatting about parenthesis and conjunctions. Good times.

This anniversary seems like a good time to sit back and look at those goals I set earlier this year, you know, back when the kids were at school and I had more then 5 minutes to myself.

I am determined to drive this blog forwards this coming year, to make the 8th year the best year, and to throw myself into creating and enjoying it more again.

After all, this here spot on the Internet has seen us through so much, I really should do my best to give back to it, don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “When You’ve Been Blogging For 7 Years”

  1. Happy seven year anniversary. I think I must be on eight years now and year learn something new all the time. I never knew what SEO was that’s for sure now I’m over the moon when those little lights turn green. Life has got busy and I miss the chance of being social like I used to. Trying to comment more this year as I miss reading blog too ;0)

    1. It is hard when you’re so busy, there’s plenty to it, isn’t there? Always learning new things, keeps it interesting! Thanks x

  2. Happy birthday to your blog and congratulations! I think I have been following you, here since just about the beginning of your journey. Time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve been blogging for 8 years in November! How did that happen! lol

    1. I think you have, thank you so much! Time does indeed fly, and here we both are, still happily typing away! x

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