White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

OK, before I go any further, I’ll warn you that this is really good, easy to make, and it is totally addictive so you’ll want to eat loads of it! A white chocolate cheesecake recipe that’s simply irresistible.

It’s a recipe from my aunt, and I am totally loving it.

It’s a white chocolate cheesecake, and given that chocolate and cheesecake are two of my family’s very favourite things, it’s popular here!

I cannot get over how simple it is to make, and I love the no-bake aspect of it. It’s a foolproof dessert option, and I am all for fool-proof! 

I suspect it would go down well in many households, so I thought I’d share the recipe for you, so you can indulge, too…

White Chocolate Cheesecake


200g Philadelphia soft cheese
200g white chocolate buttons
240g double cream
60g caster sugar
Butter (melted)
Half a pack of digestive/ginger biscuits

White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

– Crumble up the biscuits and mix them with enough melted butter so that it’s a sticky consistency. This will then form the base, so use it to line a 7″ round cake tin and then pop it in the fridge to set.

– Melt the chocolate buttons and then leave them to cool a little.

– While they’re cooling, whip the double cream into soft peaks.

– Whip the cheese together with the caster sugar.

– Fold all of the creamed ingredients together thoroughly, and then add into the tin atop the crumbled biscuits.

– Refrigerate (This one also freezes really well, too, so it’s easy to make a couple at a time…always need one in the freezer for those emergency cake-craving days)

It’s best to let it stand at room temperature for around 20 minutes before serving. And then enjoy!

So, so simple. Would this one be popular in your house, too?


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45 thoughts on “White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe”

  1. This looks yummy and so easy to make. I’ve seen so many recipes for cheesecake and they are all different, it’s nice to find one so simple, and I love white chocolate.

  2. You had me at cheesecake! It is my favorite dessert of all time. I love the no-bake recipe. It looks simple and quick. Can’t wait to try it!

    Terrific post to share on the #SHINEbloghop this week. Thanks for joining us.

    Take care —

  3. Hi Jocelyn, I love chocolate and cheesecake too!…Never had them together though!

    I love the American style cheesecake, but rarely make it as it’s a bit fiddly, so end up making a quick and easy lemon cheesecake recipe I have (similar to this one). And this recipe sounds soooo easy to make (not a good thing really!). We don’t get decent white chocolate here, do you think milk chocolate will work in it?

    1. I like the American cheesecakes, too, but we always buy those so I’ve never attempted baking one. This one is easy, and yes, try milk chocolate and let me know how it goes 🙂

      1. Hi Jocelyn, I’ve made the cheesecake using milk chocolate instead of white chocolate (even though I did find some white) and it really was quick and easy to make…No faffing around.

        It was much sweeter than I expected, so I had to have a smaller portion than I usually would (many would say that’s not a bad thing!). I would definitely make it again, probably with white chocolate next time….I sliced some banana with one slice I had and it was very nice (I doubled the ingredients as I only had a large tin – my excuse and I’m sticking with it).

        5* recipe for a quick and easy dessert!

        1. Fabulous! So pleased you found it easy, too, and enjoyed it. It is very sweet, I can’t eat loads in one go, which is no bad thing, you’re right! I like the idea of having a banana with it, too – yum! Thanks so much for popping back and sharing with me x

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  5. Wow. I made your white chocolate cheese cake today. As you said it was simplicity itself and so delicious and light. It’s hard to leave it alone in the fridge. Thank you so much. Lin

  6. Just made this and when I licked the bowl with all the toppings in it I literally cannot wait to now taste it as a cheesecake OMG I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything soooooo Devine ( and I’m not really a lover of white choc) but this ….. this is something else ❤️ And so so easy to make Thank You I’m well pleased xxxx

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    1. I’d say just melt a few grams ready and then add it slowly to the biscuits until you have a sticky consistency.

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