Who Would Be The Ideal Teacher?

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It’s that time of year. We should soon be finding out the kids’ teachers for the next school year. I’m hoping that there is a next school year that involves teachers that are not me, so it’s a nice fantasy to chat about! Rumours have already started (yes, it seems you don’t need a school gate to get the school rumour mill moving) and the children and I have chatted through the possibilities and talked about any preferences they might have. They do both have teachers that they would like to have next year and I agree with their choices, but it rarely goes that way, does it? I guess we will just have to wait and see…which does seem to be the phrase of 2020, doesn’t it?!

When (if?) they go back to school in September, Boo will be moving into year 6 and Little Man into year 3. Both will be in KS2, and it will be Boo’s final year at primary school. It’s funny as these lockdown days have felt incredibly long and yet time seems to have somehow flown by, and I can’t quite believe that I’ll soon be applying for a secondary school place for her and no doubt sobbing as she leaves!

Anyway, back to teachers, and aside from having me as a teacher, as that’s really not a long term option (I am home school tired!), we got chatting about the other people that they have learned from throughout this pandemic. There have been the various celebrities over on BBC Bitesize and then the likes of the Blue Peter team, David Attenborough and his documentaries and a variety of YouTube stars. We’ve tried to mix things up and learn about a wide variety of subjects drawing on plenty of different resources, switching from books to lessons to YouTube to websites to documentaries to our own debates, just to keep things interesting. Having talked about who they have learned from, it only seems right to think about who they would like to learn from?

Now, I knew without even needing to ask my son who he would say. John Cena and Cristiano Ronaldo. Personally, I’m unconvinced that they would make the best teachers, though of course, if Little Man is looking to learn wrestling moves and football skills, then he has actually gone for the right teachers. My girl would opt to be taught by her favourite author, Sophie Cleverly, and she would also enjoy having lessons with Stacey Dooley.

A recent survey carried out using YouGov data assessed who the UK’s favourite virtual celebrities teachers are, and I would not have guessed some of the names that came out on top. I mean, I can see the appeal of Brian Cox for science and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill for PE, but I’m surprised Sir Elton John topped the list for music (though I don’t disagree). You can check out the full survey here and see the winners and the runners up in each category.

For me, the ideal teacher would be both knowledgeable and passionate about their subject, and they’d take the time to understand their students so that they could best engage them. Fingers crossed that my two will get teachers like that next year.

Who would be your kids’ ideal teachers?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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2 thoughts on “Who Would Be The Ideal Teacher?”

  1. Ahh! I am so glad that my youngest has the same teachers all the way through school now she’s in secondary school. They even keep the same form tutor.
    Gosh! Time does fly. I can’t believe Boo will be starting year 6 in September.
    I’m with your son, I wouldn’t mind John Cena or Ronaldo as teacher. hehehe x

    1. That sounds like a good system, they’d really get a chance to know and support the kids that way.
      Oh, I know, they grow so quickly!
      That has made me laugh!! x

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