Win A Google Chromecast

Time for a lovely little competition this afternoon, and this one’s a fun one!

I have one Google Chromecast up for grabs…

Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use an Android phone, tablet, iPhone®, iPad®, Mac® or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook to cast your favourite entertainment and apps right onto the big screen.

Google Chromecast

So very versatile, and easy to take out and about with you, too. I can see it being handy when going away on holiday, and in the home. I believe that Google offer free movies through it, as well as the fact that you can stream things from your phone or tablet through it onto your TV screen. You can also use it to play family games, so that’s one to check out and have fun with. It could even be used at work, saving the need for a projector, casting slides onto a big TV screen instead. You can beam your apps, photos, games, and more from your phone to the TV, though this does depend on your handset, so do check this out. Handy little thing, isn’t it?

So to be in with a chance of winning one, enter using the rafflecopter below. The give-away is open to UK entrants only, and ends at 12am 27th July 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks very much to JNB for supplying the prize, good luck!

What would you use it for?

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419 thoughts on “Win A Google Chromecast”

  1. janet humphrey

    Watching Breaking Bad and You better Call Saul – two series which friends have seen on Netflicks (and I cant have ‘did you see’ conversations with them :(((

  2. I would use it for watching movies and catching up with any tv shows I have missed. Brilliant competition 🙂 All entered, thank you very much!

  3. Our Chromecast is seriously one of the best little gadgets we’ve bought! We’ll be hanging out, someone doing something in the kitchen while someone is hanging on the couch on their phone, and suddenly there’s a new movie trailer everyone just needs to see immediately! Quick, turn on the TV, hit “cast,” and everyrone in the room is now watching the new trailer. Magic!

    I’ve also used our Chromecast to watch tutorial videos on our huge TV instead of on my laptop (cast from the Chrome browser). I can curl up and just watch TV to learn, which is much more comfy than sitting and staring at a laptop at a desk for an hour.

    1. Such a great idea, isn’t it? A nifty little thing, and as you say, so much easier to cast onto the TV than crowd round a small screen.

  4. I wonder if it could be used to blow up my laptop displa – probably could so that’s what I’d use it for.

  5. I’d give it to my mum so she can watch Game of Thrones through my Blinkbox account. I finally got her to agree to watch it and she was gutted that she can’t get it on her Netflix account!

  6. George Robertson

    To be able to stream tomy tablet to my 6 year old definately not smart tv at my age getting difficult to see the screen.

  7. For me it would be to take away on holiday. We’re not bothered about watching TV while away but sometimes, particularly after a busy day or bad weather, it’s nice to be able to watch favourite shows.

  8. I’m currently in the middle of having my basement converted into two rooms – a utility room and a chill out room. I’d use the Google Chromecast in the chillout room for entertainment and streaming, maybe watching some movies x

  9. I’ve wanted one of these for ages. I would use it to watch catch up tv and strean films & series

  10. oooh i am watching sons of anarchy at the moment on my mini i pad.could this little gadget mean i could watch it on the big screen? Charlie Hunnam in all his glory???? be still my beating heart

  11. I would take it when I am travelling. with thing like travel info, tips etc. it would make my travellig much more enjoyable.

  12. I would take it with me when I am working away from home so that I can catch up on all the dramas which I have missed since my boys took over our main tv with their x-box!

  13. To try and maintain reasonable contact with the 21st Century which constantly seems to be racing away from me!

  14. so that we could watch films while we were away and also so nanny and grandad could see the funny videos my children make 🙂

  15. I bought a Lenovo Chromebook recently and would use this for everything that it can do. Have’nt got a smart tv so would be great for tv streaming/ films etc and also for games on the big screen.

  16. Very handy to take with you on holidays and visiting friends and family to store television series and photos,etc

  17. To catch up on good TV! (if I ever get any time to myself!) It’ll also be really handy for when my band shoot music videos as we can put the projects on there and share with people. Fantastic idea!

  18. Harriet Kendall

    I would use it for watching TV shows with the family that are only available online, instead of us all hunching around the laptop to watch it!
    Thanks for the review, if I don’t win I’ll be going out to buy one!

  19. with a family of ofur – I never see the programmes I want until they are out- this way I can catch up with missed favourites

  20. Andrew parker ford

    i would use it to take with me to utilize it at work, (transfering media files) freinds homes and in the static where i can stream right to my 32″ TV also,
    absolutely one brilliant load, go, play,stream and watch portable device! Quality… i want one x

  21. To be honest I would give it to my son as he is very into his gadgets and would get more use out of it – although I might pinch it back to use on holiday !

  22. Amanda Johnson

    I would use it for catch up tv so all those programs I never get round to watching or miss because of another episode of Powerangers on repeat or another football match that’s too important to miss, can finally be watched by me 🙂

  23. i would store loads of series of fireman sam on to keep my kids quiet when it’s not live on the tv lol

  24. Chevaune Stanley

    Ive tried ‘catch up tv’ on my laptop, but the buffering means that a one hour programme can take up to three hours (with all the adverts), so frustrating – this is a fabulous idea !!

  25. Susan Carruthers

    I’d use it to stream catch-up TV from iplayer etc, and also to stream stuff from other devices using Plex

  26. Michelle McAloon

    My family would use this to have family movie nights. It’s one of my youngest daughters favourite things to do at the moment.

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