Win A Brilliant Preschool Book Bundle

We have been lucky to receive a rather gorgeous bundle of preschool books from DK.

DK Preschool books

We’ve shared our thoughts on some other DK preschool books before, and as we like those ones so much, I knew this would be a treat. Both of the children were so excited when the package arrived, and Boo was very keen to help her brother start working his way through each of them. Aged 3, these should all be perfect for him, so I was looking forward to seeing what he made of them…

A Little About the Books:

Follow the Trail Farm
Little ones will love using their fingers to follow the glittery, bumpy shiny trails in DK’s Follow The Trail Farm. This tactile board book is packed with colourful illustrations to help encourage early learning.

Perfect for hands-on learning, every page of this board book has a bright, bold finger trail with a special sparkly, bumpy finish. Plus there are peepholes through to tiny animal or tractor characters that lead children along the pathways. Follow The Trail Farm is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills.

Follow the Trail Baby Animals
Help your child learn all about baby animals in Follow The Trail Baby Animals. With tactile trails and fun peepholes, your little one will discover baby rabbits, kittens and puppies. Follow The Trail Baby Animals makes early learning fun for your little one.

– These Follow the Trail titles are unlike any other books that we have, so Little Man was curious about them immediately. He enjoys placing his finger on the trail lines and following them, and I’m already noticing that he is getting better at doing this when he takes his time. The books are bold and bright, with plenty to look at on each page and they cover shapes and directions, as the trails go up and down, zig zag, loop the loop and more. We’re reading these together a lot.

Farm Animals
Meet cheeping chicks, rowdy roosters, grumpy goats, and all their other farmyard friends in this fact-filled pre-school activity book. Children can make milkshakes and paper plate chickens, decorate cookies, and play spot-the-difference games, all while learning fun facts about farm animals.

Bugs and Bees and other Buzzy Creatures
Meet busy bees, wiggly worms, lovely ladybirds, and all their other creepy crawly friends in this fact-filled pre-school activity book. Children can make their own beautiful butterflies and bees, decorate cookies, and count insects’ legs, all while learning great facts about bugs.

– These practical facts books are brilliantly laid out for little ones, as they have just the right amount of information and illustrations in them to interest Little Man, before then moving on to an activity such as a baking idea or craft suggestion. These are the types of book that we will dip into regularly for inspiration for rainy day fun as well as talking about the creatures covered. Little Man is very keen to try making some egg carton insects, so I’m sure we’ll be onto that very soon!

Get Ready for School: I’m Ready for School
Get ready to play, get ready to learn, get ready for school

Help your child get ready for school. This interactive board book helps your little one learn key skills for school time through fun activities set in and around the home. Help your child match shoes in the bedroom, count fruit in the kitchen, spy colours and shapes in the playroom, and sort toys in the garden.

This new series of interactive books and playbooks brings the brightest and best start to learning for every child. The 45 lift-the-flaps and peep-through cover in I’m Ready for School enable your child to learn key skills and knowledge through play, exploration and conversation. Colourful characters, Bip the Cat, Bop the Elephant, and Boo the Monkey, will inspire and develop a confident, curious and capable child.

– This bright board book is crammed with lift the flaps, questions, activities and basic vocabulary, all perfect for preschoolers in preparation for school. Each page covers a different area of every day life, such as In The Kitchen and Out in the Street, and asks you to answer questions, group items, count and vocalise what you are seeing. Little Man adores this one and I can see how useful it is in both consolidating his knowledge and expanding it. There are several books and games in this series, and I am really impressed with this one so I’ll be looking to get the other titles, too.

Preschool DK books

Playing the Get Ready for School: Four of a Kind Game 
Get Ready for School Games Four of a Kind supports your child’s learning development through the early years. These games guide your child’s early learning and help you get them ready for school. Each box includes cards and a booklet of games that your child can play to learn key skills and knowledge. The colourful photographic cards will inspire and develop a confident, curious and capable child. You’ll love playing the games too!

Get Ready for School is a new series of interactive books and playbooks that encourages the brightest and best start to learning for every child. Key skills are developed through play, exploration, and hands-on experience. Each element of the series, whether print or digital, will support active learning through creative thinking, boosting confidence, curiosity and independence. The series provides a sold foundation in RAW (reading, arithmetic and writing) and supports emotional, social, and motor skills development.

Playing Four of a Kind

The game comes with a book, 4 different sets of cards and instructions and ideas for game play. Little Man was really keen to play this, as you can probably tell from the first photo with his hand sneaking into shot to grab the book!

The sets of cards are grouped with similar themes, so in this case we have green cards with transport, blue with food and red with animals. The orange is a small set with the characters on them for further game play. Within each set there are then sub sets and the challenge is to look for them and correctly identify them. For example, the food cards have four fruits, four vegetables and four breads.

From this, we then played games trying to name different foods, transport or animals not pictured. We grouped cards by colour, by abilities, by favourites, by shapes – the list can go on and on, and really it’s up to you how you use and adapt them.

In addition to this, there are also instructions for games for two to three players, though these were a little tough for Little Man at the moment, so something for us to come back and try in a few months time.

I can see us playing the card game regularly as it’s so quick and easy to set up, educational and fun, and Little Man was fully engaged in playing. There are so many different ways of using them that it will also remain fresh and exciting at every turn.

Our Overall Thoughts

Little Man is now 3 years and 5 months old and I feel that these books and game are just perfect for him. I was really impressed by just how well they do hold his interest as he is not always fascinated by books and sometimes wanders off to do other things, whereas with these, we sat and read through every single book in one sitting when they first arrived and he continues to go back to them now. He does tend to favour non-fiction and these books are crammed full with activities, with facts sprinkled liberally throughout, all in bite-size chunks. Just perfect for him, he loves them.


I do now have four of these books available to give away to one of my lucky readers. The winner will receive Follow the Trail Farm, Follow the Trail Baby Animals, Farm Animals and Bugs, Bees and other Buzzy Creatures. The competition is open to UK residents only and closes at 12am 25th February 2016. Good luck!

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What do you like about these books?

Disclosure: We received these books FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own

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292 thoughts on “Win A Brilliant Preschool Book Bundle”

  1. They are appealing to children by their content – all children are fascinated by their surronding, especially nature and animals!

  2. Anthony Harrington

    I like these books as they seems to have a good level of content and are varied in subject matter, perfect for pre-schoolers

  3. These books look great 🙂 I’m a big fan of tactile books, and ones that my children can interact with, it makes reading so much fun for them and encourages me that they’ll be life-long readers so I think they’ll love Bugs and Bees and Fuzzy Creatures and Follow the Trail Farm!

  4. Early learning is SO important. Reading together is such a lovely thing and encourages speech/language/imagination.

  5. My little boy is the same age as yours and I know he would love these books. I like that they are so interactive but also great learning tools, at a point in his development where he is asking questions about everything and taking so much in.

  6. I love the glittery trails- my son loves glittery bits in books so I know he would like that too. They look fun and educational at the same time which is a bonus! x

  7. Variety. Some educational e.g. Preparing for school attendance etc. Whilst others interesting and maybe factual about animals etc which the children love.

  8. They look fun, colourful, excellent quality and most of all engaging, that’s what every preschooler needs 🙂 my little one is 3 and she would love them 🙂

  9. I like how eye-catching and appealing the books like my son would love to have these and would love them for some bonding time x

  10. I love that they are just the right size for little hands, looks colourful and interesting topics that will keep them occupied for a while x

  11. miss ragan bennett

    My little boy would absolutely love theses book as there are activities with them, plus he loves story time x x

  12. They look easy to use and educational. I like the design/graphics and the range of topics. Also, lift the flaps are always a hit in this house!

  13. Lorraine Tinsley

    I think my daughter would love the colours and the pictures. I like the layout and how there aren’t too many words on each page as my daughter gets frustrated if I try to stay on one page too long

  14. These look great and think my own little man would love them – he loves tactile, interactive books and anything about animals. The bugs one looks a bit different too – makes a change from all the usual farm animals.

  15. Natalie Baskerville

    They are really bright and colourful. They would be wonderful for getting my 3 year old ready for big school

  16. What a fab giveaway! I like that the books are interactive as well as bright and colorful, perfect to make learning fun! and to get a child prepared for school and such a good selection of different topics. These will keep the kids entertained for ages! x

  17. There colourful and children won’t lose interest 🙂 my daughter starts school in September so these would be perfect 🙂 xx

  18. I can see my children (5 and 3) reading them together. My 5 year old is starting to read well, so he would enjoy reading them to his brother.

  19. My two youngest kids would love these books. They love, animals, insects and farms. The books are also bright, fun and educational too!

  20. These books look ideal for my Grandchildren aged 2 upward as they are colourful and interactive which will help keep them interested, I find the learn as they read and play such a great concept.

  21. These books are bright and eye catching and easy to follow, especially important with pre-schoolers with special needs.

  22. I love them because they are so suitable for pre-schoolers and touchy-feely too and with topics that interest this age group.

  23. I like the finger trails, I know my little one would love doing those! I love that the books are bright and bold, perfect for preschoolers.

  24. I love how they are so colourful and interesting for children while still being so educational without them even realising!!

  25. Amazing prize love reading to my 1 year old and trying to get him a mini library so lots of choice when he can start to read.

  26. They look really robust. Something thats always on the top of my list when choosing new books for my younger children

  27. They look vibrant and colourful and cover a variety of topics, early learning is very important…too many children are lacking in basic english skills especially reading so I think it’s very important to read with your children/grandchildren. I read all the time with my grandson so if I were to win this I would be reading these with him x

  28. Any books where the children are learning AND having fun at the same time is fine by me. And throw in animals and you’re on to a winner 🙂

  29. These books are interactive and such good learning tools. I collect for the Salvation Army and these books would be very loved by an underprivileged child xx

  30. My little grand-daughter loves to read,she’s only just turned four and starts school after summer.She seems so young,I’d be delighted to win these and read them with her x

  31. The interaction. I love my 2 hours I get with my 4 year old whilst her sister naps and these would be a perfect activity for us to do together

  32. I love these books because of the pictures,
    that I can show to my child
    so we can capture memories with a glow,
    as these are book that are ours to know
    and my child would have a smile
    that I can treasure and would keep
    when my child’s fast asleep.

  33. that I can help my pre-schooler learn. I’m never sure what he’s meant to be learning or how and these would be really helpful

  34. these books look great, they would be perfect for my little granddaughter, i strongly believe if you develope a childs love of books they will always have something to do and somewhere to escape to. i instilled the love of books into my three daughters as soon as they were old enough to look at the pages and they are all in their 30s now and still love books.

  35. They do not look as if someone has tried to make the over sophisticated, they look bright and clear to me and would be a great addition to any childs learning schedule!

  36. I like the books because they are bright,fun and educational.I also like the fact that they come with a booklet and cards to assist the childs learning .

  37. I love that these engage the person reading it (or person having it read to them!)
    There’s a good selection of topics and content and that’s always a bonus.

  38. I’ve had a lifelong interest in reading and it got me through some sticky times. Everyone underestimates the power and abilities reading can provide you with. Learning is much easier when you can pick up a book or even peruse an article on the Internet to improve and expand your understanding. This bundle looks to be a good start on a lifetime enjoyment.

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