Win The Pointless Board Game!

I do love a board game! So today I have a copy of the Pointless game from University Games available to give away to one of my lucky readers….


Can you name a country beginning with the letter M that no one else would think of? How about Mali or Micronesia? Can you think of a character from Toy Story that nobody else would remember? We all know Buzz Lightyear, but who remembers Wheezy the penguin? Put your obscure and pointless knowledge to the test with this board game version of the popular BBC2 quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong. Fight against your natural instincts as you try to score the least number of points by guessing the least popular answers to general knowledge questions.

In Pointless a series of questions is presented to the players. These questions have also been surveyed to a group of 100 other people. It’s the players’ job to think of an answer that is not only correct, but also the least popular among those surveyed. For example, if the question asks you to name a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic is not a good answer as 88 people in the survey gave this. Anybody who says The Man in the Iron Mask gets a much better score of 6 points. Any correct answers the survey didn’t think of are Pointless answers and award a most desirable zero points. Who will carry off the Pointless trophy among your family and friends?

For 2 to 4 players or teams and ages 10 and up.


I have a Pointless board game up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 15th July 2016.

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What appeals to you about this game?

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202 thoughts on “Win The Pointless Board Game!”

  1. Could play this board game at home. Which would be great fun, as my fiancé really enjoys watching Pointless on TV.

  2. Kimberlye Richardson

    Oh! I do hope that whomever wins this game has loads of fun. It sounds so very exciting and different; however, I’m afraid my husband would win as he is full of tons of “pointless” knowledge. For example, the question about Leonardo Di Caprio had me thinking of the movie “Catch Me if You Can” and he responded with “The Beach.” To end my “pointless” ramblings, I was wondering if the game is ink available for purchase in the UK. It dies sound like something our family would really enjoy. Thank you in advance and much luck to all. ?Kimberlye?

    1. He sounds good at this! I’m not sure whether it is, I’m afraid. It’s a University Games game, so perhaps try them over there?

  3. I really enjoy playing along with pointless at home when i watch it so i think the game would be great 🙂

  4. I love watching Pointless om the TV (i think i have a bit of a crush on Alexander Armstrong!) and also we often have games nights with our friends (2 other couples) so this would be perfect for our next one! Fingers Crossed!

  5. I love playing along when I’m watching it, and I’ve always wanted to go on the actual show because I always seem to get the pointless answer! So this appeals to me very much, and the whole family can play!

  6. I like watching Pointless but would never be good enough to appear on the show. This would be a nice substitute.

  7. I enjoy playing along, and the repartee between Xander and Richard. Has improved my knowledge on certain categories.

  8. Anything which would appeal to family members across the age ranges has got to be a winner when we have get togethers, Ages range from 10 – 86.

  9. Elizabeth Hinds

    I like that my eldest daughter would be able to join in 🙂 I really enjoy Pointless so I think this would be good fun!

  10. I love Pointless, always watch it & me and my family get very competitive 🙂 this boardgame would bring some very fun moments!

  11. I like this because it is so different from other games and would be great fun playing for the family -it would really test our knowledge !

  12. I love having a variety of board games, the TV programme is great, so hopefully this will be just as fun.

  13. I love the TV programme and always love trying to guess which would have been the `pointless` answer.

  14. Tanya Wightman

    Love ‘Pointless’ have been on as a contestant. Hope I do better in this competition than I did when I appeared!!

  15. i love watching the show with my partner, its the kind of game we would play, especially at christmas with the family

  16. I love watching Pointless on tv with the family, being able to play the board game would give us an excuse to get so involved in the question answering!

  17. My fiancé and I were supposed to appear on the show a few years back, but due to unforseen circumstances we couldn’t attend. It would be lovely if we had the board game to play 🙂

  18. This is a perfect game for me as my friends alway say my mind is full of useless (pointless?) information 😉

  19. I love the tv show and my family get quite competitive watching it, this game version looks like good fun

  20. Rachel Butterworth

    Learning something new. I’m also a huge fan of the show and have been watching iit from day one.

  21. I love watching the TV programme and trying to guess the answers, but it appeals to me because it’s a bit different from other games and also quite simply to understand. x

  22. I watch it on tv and I’m rubbish maybe I will be better at this. Grandchildren watch out grandmas about

  23. Love watching this with our 16 year old, this game would be a fab way to get him to interact with the family rather than a screen!!

  24. This game really appeals to me as it I can imagine it making everyone laugh, I like the idea of it

  25. Julie mcdonald

    My father in law who is blind and son love this game on tv, I’m sure playing the board game would be fantastic for the whole family to play as quiz games are great for us all

  26. I love the show. It took over the spot from The Weakest Link and what tickled me most was the ironic way Armstrong bent over backwards to be nice to contestants – completely opposite to Anne Robinson. So having the game would be a lot of fun.

  27. I love watching pointless with my mum and answering the questions ( or trying to ) so this would be so much fun with family plus engaging my brain 🙂

  28. Love the tv programme and always have a go so the board game would be brilliant for me and my family to play

  29. we always play along as a family on the tv show so to be able to play the board game would be great the competativness would be brilliant

  30. love the show.
    love general knowledge.
    love quizzes.
    love being competitive.

    and unlike on the show, there might actually be a good chance to win with this!

  31. I love the TV show, am pretty much addicted much to my family’s despair, and the game will be another fun way of keeping my brain working.

  32. Simone Kilshaw

    wow I did not know they did a board game version of this. We love this show. The game would be great, so we could play it ourselves. We could do it all together as a family.And plus not to mention the educational benefits.

  33. We all love the TV show, so we would love this game and I like the fact that it gets your brain working.

  34. i LOVE this game! Such an original format of knowing obscure answers! And I like the fact that the board game plays along on a smart phone or tablet as well, so I can imagine that the answers are updated!

  35. Definitely a game that makes you forget your first impressions and dig deep for that elusive answer. Great fun.

  36. Debbie Nichols

    My other half does really well getting pointless or low scoring answers when we watch the programme. Me not so much. I could really do with the practice and the chance to revise (cheat 😉 )

  37. Patricia Avery

    Our family love games that challenge our trivia- filled brains. We are also very competitive so I would enjoy beating them all 🙂

  38. We love playing board games together as a family, and love watching quiz shows on TV! We always compete against each other when Pointless is on, so we would love the opportunity to play the game for ourselves!

  39. It’s pointless, need I say more lol, no I love the show and am always shouting at the tv so this is perfect.

  40. Natalie Davies

    I love love love pointless…I want to apply to go on it but need some practice first…this board game would be perfect!

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