Winter Is Coming…

Winter is coming…

Well yes, it is, in more ways than one.

With winter on it’s way and the darker, colder nights drawing in, I tend to want to hibernate. Evenings will be about PJs, snuggly throws and TV for me from now until spring!

I love settling down with a good old rom-com (here are my faves) or getting into a favourite TV series. And fortunately, all of that is at my finger tips as NOW TV have asked me to give them a go and work with them for a few months.

OK, so first up I admit, I wasn’t all that clued up on how NOW TV worked (the Husband always knows these things, so immediately filled me in all about it). If you’re like I was, here are a few key points:

– Packages. There are Movies, Sports and Entertainment, you can order each of the 3 options separately, and there are often deals on or free trials, starting from £6.99.
– There’s no contract.
– Movies, sports and shows at your fingertips. The Entertainment pass includes Sky Atlantic, Fox and MTV, the Movies give you access to over 1000 movies a month, with up to 16 premieres a month and the Sports streams live action.
– We didn’t need a box, or to wait in for a man to come out, or a dish. We watch ours through our PS4. You can also watch on a Chromecast, PS3™, Xbox One, Xbox®360, Roku, YouView, LG Smart TV, PC or Mac, Mobile, Tablet or there is also a NOW TV box if you’d rather have that. You can then register up to 4 devices, and can watch on 2 at the same time.

It’s this last point that really appeals to me. It was so easy to do. You pop over to the NOW TV website (click on that enormous badge there and it’ll take you), select the package that you want and you can have it showing on your chosen device immediately. You can instantly choose box sets and films, or watch it as it broadcasts. Very versatile and always something to watch.

Then there’s my new addiction. Yes, Game of Thrones has at last found it’s way into our household. Having had pretty much every channel available, bar Sky Atlantic as we can’t get that with our Virgin TV, we’ve long been frustrated that we cannot get to some of the best TV shows. Well, with NOW TV, we can. The seasons are all on there, so we’ve started watching them, and we are well and truly hooked. I have Lannisters and Starks popping into my head at random times throughout the day! I can see what all the fuss is about, and we manage to get an episode or two in most evenings now. We’ve a lot of catching up to do, but I know we will get there! As after all….

…Winter is coming…


Disclosure: We’re NOW TV ambassadors, which includes an affiliate partnership, though all words and opinions remain my own

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7 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming…”

  1. My fella loves Game of Thrones…I have never been able to get into it. I have tried but it doesn’t float my boat….hehehe I do however think of it whenever someone says Winter Is Coming…lol x

  2. I love game of thrones! I was late to watch it thinking it wouldnt be my sort of thing but it keeps you gripped! I watched every episode whilst pregnant. I found it randomly on my mind too.

  3. We watch GOT, though I must admit, I’ve no idea what is going on, who all the families are or who is fighting who for what reason! I still find it enjoyable to watch though! I think I do need to start again and pay more attention 😛

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