The Wonderful Attingham Park Gardens

On a beautiful sunny day a couple of weeks back, we made the trip up to Attingham Park, a superb National Trust property. It was our first visit and we were not disappointed. I’ll blog more about our day there and the house in the next few days, as there was so much to see, so for today, I’ll concentrate on the gardens.

There are extensive grounds and woodlands for strolling, meandering and playing in…

Attingham March14 033a

Attingham March14 026a

Attingham March14 017a

Signs of Spring were everywhere…

daffodils and snowdrops

An orchard, with a tree that I really loved the look of..

Attingham March14 073a

It made me think of a person with arms outstretched. Right next to the orchard is a huge walled garden (I so love walled gardens!) that was originally the family’s kitchen garden for the household and guests..

walled garden

I was fascinated by the little gardener’s hut in there, full of information and objects hinting at days gone by.

gardeners hut

And in the huge courtyard, as I was leaving, they also had plant sales!

Its is just so very beautiful there. The gardens and grounds alone could have kept us occupied, but then we had the stunning mansion to explore, the outbuildings, stables, ice house, playing area, bookshop, cafe – so much to see! Pop by on Saturday when I’ll be sharing the rest of our day out there…

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45 thoughts on “The Wonderful Attingham Park Gardens”

  1. What a brilliant looking place. I love the criss-cross noticeboard, it would be a good way to store seed packets that need to be sown soon. And as for walled gardens – I want one! Somehow the hedges around my veg patch just don’t cut the mustard.

  2. Beautiful! So many daffodils ad snowdrops – it’s like bottled Spring!

    I love that noticeboard idea too, with all the flower cards tucked in *hatches a plan* – thank you for the inspiration and for joining in and sharing again. Such a happy time of the year!

    1. Though you’d like the tree! Yes, add it, it’s gorgeous. And look out for my #CountryKids post on Saturday as there’s more, and I think you’ll like it!

  3. I love walled kitchen gardens, there is something about them so magical. We are going to buy an annual National Trust pass and Shropshire is not far for us so I think a trip here is going to be happening. Looking forward to your other posts.

  4. What a wonderful place to visit Jocelyn, love the photos. It looks fabulous and oh so sunny too. Makes such a difference! I’ve missed the National Trust while we’ve had no car (it’s back now yippee!!), all their sites seem great.

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  6. Loved the first picture-super-and the bare tree and also the seed packet board with the trug in. Looks like a super place and everything looks better in the sunshine for sure !!

  7. So glad you all love Attingham, I volunteer in the garden and walk my dogs there every day. Always peaceful and feel quite privileged to be apart of it.

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