The Wonders of Contactless Payments

Technology continues to amaze and astound me. When I was at school, and I like to think that wasn’t eons ago, there was no internet, we used actual books to find out about the world. At 18 I became one of the very first of my friends to get a mobile phone, and back then, it was just calls, not even texts. I started work then, too, and upgraded my bank account to a current account with a cheque book and debit card. The sort of card you signed a little slip when making a payment. Then chip and pin came along and things got faster. And now, now we have contactless payments. Wow!

contactless bankingContactless payments is this tap and go method of paying for things. It makes payments a lot faster, potentially halving the time it takes to pay by chip and pin. You look for this sign when paying and then tap your card to pay. The current limit on contactless payment amounts here in the UK is £20, as a protection against any fraudulent use as no pin number of signature is required, and they are still protected by the same fraud guarantees as other payments. It’s faster and easier, so it gets my vote, as anything to speed up a payment when I have an impatient, wriggling toddler is a win in my book!

Banks have been working on rolling out contactless debit cards, and the TSB have seen a surge in use by their current account customers, partly of course due to more people having the functionality, and partly due to word getting out about how handy it is to use.

Technology continues to move forward, and they’re always working on ways to make lives easier. I’ll move onto contactless payments and wonder what the next step forward will be….

Have you tried contactless payments?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with TSB

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