Word of the Week 10/1/14

Firstly, can I say how amazed and delighted I was to have so many of you joined in last week. I absolutely loved reading everyone’s words and why they’d chosen them – so many wonderful posts! Hopefully, some of you will link up again, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this week has been like for you. To find out more about joining in, read all about it here.

For me? It’s been all about…


If you read my Climbing and Adoring post a few days ago, you’ll have a good idea why! Little Man is a climber. With absolutely no fear. In the last few days, he’s conquered the play kitchen, his toy-box, beds, the dining table, moving steps and chairs around to reach sinks, breakfast bars and toys and climbing over the arms of the sofas to get up and down. I’ve found him in endless precarious positions – he climbs at the speed of light, people, the speed of light! I’ve lost count of the amount of times this week that I’ve rescued him, though ‘rescuing’ is a little misleading, as it implies he wants help. He does not. He wants to be exactly where he’s climbed, too. The ‘rescuing’ part is purely for me  – I rescue my wriggling son from precarious situations at least hourly, he protests, but my heart is no longer in my mouth. I am rescued.

So, that’s me, now over to you. Grab the badge, link up your posts with #WotW, and do pop and see what others have chosen as their word this week.

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48 thoughts on “Word of the Week 10/1/14”

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how they are so fearless?! Milin is the same. I love his sense of adventure but it often terrifies me so I can empathise with the rescuing. I look forward to reading the other Word of the Week posts too. It’s a lovely idea for a linky x

    1. He’s just shocking! He wants to be clambering & climbing ALL of the time! I’m tired…! Glad you like the linky, I’m a little in love with it, too 😉

  3. Sounds like you have your hands full there! I have a climber too – we bought her a climbing frame for her second birthday – a full size one – thinking she might start to use it over the year ahead, but instead, she was climbing it, unaided as we put it together that night. No fear!!
    And now we have a puppy that likes to climb. And cannot be left for even a second! I know how you feel!
    Thanks for hosting! x

    1. I really do! Maybe I should all a climbing frame to my Project Garden plans – don’t really want to encourage him, though!

  4. He sounds like my little one, she loves to climb and jump and has no fear at all. It was a shock for us as our 4yo was so risk averse when she was little! Great word – very fitting! Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Right, firstly can I apologise for my icon in the link-I wanted yo use my blog badge but pressed the wrong image! If you see my word of the week, you may realise why I made the mistake. It’s fun, isn’t it, chasing after adventurous toddlers 🙂

  6. Oh I remember those day’s. Harry was the same, still is actually 🙂 These babies can amaze you one minute and then give you a heart attack the next haha x

  7. It does amaze me how kids are fearless, Lewis was never too bad but Leah WOW she’s into EVERYTHING! But what was funny is how Lewis helps Leah climb, I caught them both trying to get into my top kitchen cupboard the other day for biscuits. Lewis stood on the floor ready to catch/help and Leah doing the climbing. It took all my will power not to scream at them both!

  8. I remember the climbing days very well indeed. This week we had a tumble from the sofa as our 4 year decided she was going to ‘balance’ on the cushion. I could see it happening, couldn’t get there in time. No real harm done – bumped head on carpet. Maybe my WotW should have been ‘bump’ instead!

    1. Ah, yes, my 4 yo still does things like that. She’s always clambering and running about at breakneck speed, so seems inevitable!

  9. Apologies but my photo seems to have disappeared from my thumbnail on my post, it was a photo of my word……..Calpol! There must be something about younger siblings, my youngest is absolutely tiny but there is nowhere she can’t get to!

  10. I imagine another word that could go along with this is “busy” and perhaps “exhausting”! It’s lovely when the little adventurer in them gets the chance to explore, but as I’m beginning to find out, it’s also fraught with accidents and danger!

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  12. I had a climber. I swear he could climb before he could walk. Used to stand on a window sill terrifying passers by and how many times I got him down, he would just get straight back up again. Found it very challenging as during the period when I had two under two and was not coping well.
    He has turned out to be very gifted so I reckon he just liked dizzy heights early

    1. 2 under 2 is enough of a challenge without throwing a climber into the mix! I’ll cling to the possibility that it’s because he’s gifted, when I’m retrieving him for the 100th time that day..! Thanks x

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  14. great and easy linky to link-up to, I’ll do my best to join in! It’s a great linky to document life to! Chloe is a climber to, but we have always been very relax, never rescued however supervised and talked her through: stressing words such as ‘careful’, ‘gentle’, ‘slowly’, ‘dangerous’ over and over. She learned very early on how to climb back down without injuries and has great balance now. If she feels she is stuck or can’t do it she’ll ask for help.

    1. Thank you, be lovely to have you joining in 🙂 To be honest, I’ve not really worked on that, but it sounds a good plan. It seems I can’t stop him from getting up, so I’d best just put my energies into ensuring he can get down safely without me. Thanks for the advice x

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