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My word of the week this week is:


Oh, this word fits for us in so many ways this week..

– You may have seen my post earlier this week, a letter to my daughter as her Reception year comes to an end. I am so, so proud of her, and a couple of days ago we also had parents evening. It was a chance to chat to her teacher about her moving into Year 1, and Boo has also been preparing for that this week by having an afternoon in her new classroom with her new teachers. She was quite happy there and liked them both (she’ll have two teachers job-sharing). Her current teacher has had Boo doing some SATs papers to better benchmark her and pass on to her new teachers, along with her report, preparing them. She has such a lovely class of children, I’ve not doubt her new teachers will be very happy next year.

– Today Little Man goes to his first nursery session without me, as we are testing the waters. So this week we’ve been chatting about it and preparing him for it. We’ll see how it goes!

– Little Man’s HUGGIES Pull-Ups have arrived this week along with a new potty, and I’ll be sharing a potty training tips post here soon. I am preparing, but it’s not something I’m doing with him for another 2-3 weeks as I want to get over this nursery hurdle first, so as not to throw too many things at him at once.

– I’ve been preparing for the summer holidays, work-wise. I’ve been scheduling a few posts in advance and pondering how best to balance the blog, but cut back and spend more time with the kids. It should be fine, and I’m so looking forward to the break with them both.

– Little Man’s birthday is creeping up. It’s actually not until the beginning of September, but as that falls in the summer holidays, I wanted to get his presents ordered and hidden before the break begins so that I know it’s done and I don’t have to think about it, and also because I know Boo would be bursting to open them if she was around when they arrived! So along with gifts, I’ve got him a few party bits and bobs, so I now feel better prepared for his special day.

– We’ve got a weekend break next week, and then a few days away at the end of the month, so I’ve bought a few items we need for those, got some more summer clothes in for the kids and we’ll also be having some decorating done whilst we’re away the second time, so I’ve been confirming the details of that.

It’s a funny thing, preparation. It has a certain sense of achievement without things actually having culminated. It’ll be nice when all of these things actually do come to pass!

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50 thoughts on “Word of the Week 10/7/15”

  1. I always admire your organisation, packages tend to be excitedly opened by my “helpers” here too so good idea to get your LM’s birthday bits all hidden away.
    This school year has gone so fast, hasn’t it. Boo has done so well.
    Have a fab weekend x

  2. A very apt word for you I think 🙂 I’m seriously behind in my organising for my eldest’s birthday, which is on the 21st but I’m still hoping for it to be special. And yes, I have a helper too xx

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  4. We’re super busy with end of term things as well – plus, the preparations for next year! I need to get organised for the summer too – otherwise I’m inclined to be a bit of drifter! x #WotW

  5. Hope today goes well for Little Man and for you – have a fab weekend, I’m still struggling to find a word this week so I think I’ll skip linking up this week, have a fab weekend x

  6. Aww! It sounds like Boo is doing really well at school.
    I hope your little man’s nursery visit goes OK & good luck with the potty training!
    I have birthday preparation too….My fellas and Ellie’s in August and Becky’s the beginning of September…..It has really crept up on me. x

  7. Oh I love a bit of preparation. It sounds like you have everything organised. Our school has been preparing us and the children for moving up the school too. I hope Little man settles well at nursery and enjoys it. x

  8. Wow! lots of organising there!,
    I hope Little Man has got on well at Nursery and good luck with the potty training Adventures!.
    It’s all birthday prepping here too for the next few weeks, so should be fun.
    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂 x

    1. It has not gone well! Oh well, nursery will have to take a back burner for a while. Have fun birthday prepping 🙂 x

  9. Sounds like you have been very organised this week getting this ready – it is certainly very satisfying getting those things done and feeling like you are prepared. Hope Little Man’s nursery visit went well today and hope you enjoy having more of a break over the summer and spending time with Boo and Little Man. Thanks for hosting #wotw 🙂

    1. I do like organising! It didn’t go well, so I’ve deferred it for a term. I am looking forward to the summer holidays 🙂 Thanks x

  10. You’ve a busy time ahead! I like feeling in control and preparing for upcoming events or changes. Good luck with potty training, it should be easier with the nicer weather and the opportunity to run around semi naked x

  11. What a great week, I do love weeks like that – ticking things off a to do list – it’s really quite rewarding. I hope the settling in sessions go well with him being there without you. And I will be very interested in reading your potty training tips as I am going to have to start to think about that at some point in the not too distant future (and time goes too fast!!)

    1. The session was bad, I’ve deferred his place for now. Oh yes, will share some tips soon, look out for them!

  12. You’re so super organised it puts me to shame! There is so much to prepare in the run up to the holidays aren’t there, in order to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and it’s often the preparation people don’t see but is essential stuff! You’re a busy lady with a lot to do, Best of luck!!

    1. I like to get on top of things when I can, especially with the holidays coming, I really want to enjoy the time with both of them at home. Hoping it goes to plan!

  13. Oh wow lots of preparation going on. I wish you the best of luck with it all hon and I hope it all goes smoothly! How was the Little man’s first day at nursery? Is Boo looking forward to year 1? Ella can’t wait to be a year 1 lol.xx

    1. Nursery didn’t go well, so I’ve decided to defer it for a term. Boo is sad to be leaving her teacher and Reception, though likes her new teachers so I’m sure she’ll be fine x

  14. Preparation is always a good thing! Anytime you can plan and/or prepare in advance, you usually have more success, (unless something happens, and you can’t stick to the plan.) I’m definitely a planner and list-maker!

  15. Ah lots of preparation, nursery is so huge as it potty training, if I could give one bit of advice it would be take him to choose his own pants my two loved that. Gosh it seems so long ago now, you are so right about scheduling a little to ease time in the holidays. I am going to do this too so I can chill a little x

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