Word of the Week 11/5/18

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My word of the week this week is:

It has not been a typical week, in several ways, it has been a tad peculiar. Not bad peculiar, just peculiar.

Firstly, what’s with the lovely weather? And over a bank holiday, too? Unheard of! I love the warmer weather and have enjoyed getting outside more that the weather seems to be improving. I have spent a little time gardening, which I always enjoy, and it’s lovely to see how much my garden is springing into life now. This has definitely been a good peculiar!

But I think, as with last week, having everyone home on the Monday, and then having been in a few appointments and catch-ups this week, it has thrown my week out, though all in good ways. It just pops it outside of the ordinary box.

I have largely spent my time working on blog posts and then making final revisions to my last Open University End of Module Assessment. I think this is where most of the peculiar stems from.

If you read my post yesterday, you’ll know that I am now all finished with my degree (assuming I actually pass it) and instead of the relief or euphoria I thought I’d feel, I just feel…well, peculiar. I am waiting for it to sink in, I think. I have our holiday right there on the horizon and I need to do a few bits and bobs before then, so I think my focus might be there and submitting my EMA was just another thing on my pre-holiday to-do list. Maybe it’ll start to sink in after then, maybe I just need to get the actual results for it to feel real. We will see…

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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12 thoughts on “Word of the Week 11/5/18”

  1. Finishing your degree (YAY!) is a big deal, as it has been a large part of your life for a good while now, so I think it’s understandable to feel peculiar about that conclusion. Give it time and I’m sure things will settle; that’s a big change after all. And I’m sure you have no need to worry about passing, Jocelyn!

    Definitely agree with the bank holiday leaving me feeling peculiar too, and throwing me for a loop with the days. A lovely weekend to you & your family.

  2. Bank holidays always throw me through a loop, I’m never sure what day it is so I agree it’s perculiar. I’m sure the finishing your degree will sink in soon, it’s probably all the Disney planning taking over your thoughts at the moment. Best of luck for the results xx

  3. Bank holidays do tend to throw things out a bit don’t they? It has been nice to have some sunshine and warm weather. Well done on getting to the end of your Open University
    degree – I can imagine that it does feel a little strange to be at the end of it. Thanks for hosting #WotW

  4. I kind of remember that feeling when you hand in your final assessment, I mean it’s the final, final one. You have a mixture of glad it’s done then wondering what you are going to do now you don’t have to do it anymore. I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colours though 🙂
    And you must be getting so excited with your holiday so close now.
    Thanks for hosting wotw x

  5. It has been lovely here too….Even though it has cooled down a bit the sun is still shining and it’s warm enough to go out without a coat.
    I think we will be doing some gardening over the weekend. The front garden is full of weeds. Eek!
    Well done for finishing your degree! I’m sure you will do great x

  6. I remember feeling like this when I finished my degree, a bit like now what do I do? Hasn’t this weather been amazing, its so nice that the garden is starting to come to life too x

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