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My word of the week this week is:


I’m talking nursery, school and university this week, so education has definitely dominated.

Let’s start with nursery. You may have spotted my post earlier this week about settling a reluctant 3 year old into nursery, and I know I’ve mentioned it here before.  My son has fallen into the kicking and screaming category where starting nursery is concerned and it has been hard. But, I am thrilled to report that this Tuesday, for the very first time, he did not complain about going from the moment that he woke up, he didn’t object to getting ready and there were no tears when I dropped him off. No tears! That has not happened before! I was so very happy. Of course, he’s now off until after half term so we might take a step back after that, but I feel we are making great progress. He also received a certificate for good behaviour, which is proudly up on the wall and he is showing it off to every visitor to the house.

Onto school and this one is for two reasons. Firstly, my younger nephew has had his GCSE options evening this week, so there’s been plenty of chat about that and he’s now got a month to make his mind up on what he’d like to do. Secondly, my girl has had her parents evening this week, where all the areas she needs to work on have been highlighted to us. Oh yes, there’s a fair old list, which considering she is achieving, and in most cases over-achieving across the board, is a funny old thing. As you can imagine, it’s been the talk of the school run too, as it appears that the kids aren’t receiving much in the way of positive feedback, more a list of what they need to do better. They are 5 and 6 years old. It feels a bit much. My daughter is happy going to school, she is confident, kind, sociable and can do every task they set her. Good enough for me.

And finally, it’s about me and my OU degree. I’ve been cramming as much study time in as I can this week, aware that with half term looming, I’d like to take a break from it and enjoy time with the kids next week. Yesterday was also the day that we could start registering for our next module to start in October, so I’ve been in touch with my tutor to ensure I’m on the right lines with my current studies and I’m happy that I’m right to pursue history. I’m doing an Open degree, which means that I can choose pretty much any subject, but I’m enjoying history so I am sticking with that. I have made my selection and opted for a course on Early modern Europe: society and culture c.1500-1780. I’m really looking forward to it, I just have three more assignments and an exam to get through on my current course first…!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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39 thoughts on “Word of the Week 12/2/16”

  1. Aw I am so pleased to read your Little Man is doing well and what a huge step forward for him! I hope half term doesn’t set things back for you. Hmm tricky with your girl isn’t it? Does seem a bit much to give you a list of areas they need to improve, at age 5?? Of course they have things they need to get better at, they’re 5! Think I would be a bit defensive and cross but sounds like you have the right attitude about it. Glad your course is going well too! Xx

    1. I’ve had to go with this attitude, otherwise I’d go mad getting wound up about it! The Husband helps me remain calm, and at the end of the day, she’s happy going every day and can do everything, so that will be that! It’s so nice to see Little Man settling more easily, and thanks, loving my course 🙂 x

  2. Hope you enjoy the break from your studies over half-term and that you all have a lovely time together. A huge well done to Little Man on the no-tears drop-off at nursery – what a great moment that must have been. Sounds like Boo is doing well at school, what a shame though there more focus on what the children need to do better than on what they are doing well on.

    1. It was a fabulous moment, I just hope I get a few more of them going forward! It is a shame as she is doing really well, but that’s my gripe, not hers, as she bounds in happily every day so that’s enough for me x

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  4. Bless Little Man! I knew he’d get there in the end 🙂 as for Boo’s school… I would not have been impressed. Unless she is misbehaving or is struggling (which she obviously isn’t) then I see no reason to be giving lists of things she needs to improve on. Even if she were, then encouragement is the key not negativity! I admire your restraint!
    I admire you doing your OU course too, I keep thinking about doing *something* but I have no idea what and so it stays as a thought 🙂
    Hope you have a lovely half term 🙂

    1. Oh she’s not misbehaving and she’s far from struggling, so I did do well to rise above it! You should do ‘something’ too, I am so happy I’m doing mine 🙂

  5. Sounds like the school don’t really understand that kids need a lot of positive enforcement and less “could do better”. Hope they rectify that soon.
    Yay for nursery improvement!
    And good luck with your degree!

    1. It is madness, isn’t it? I have to wonder how much praise they get themselves and I just hope it’s only us parents that hear the lists! Thank you 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness, how do you do it all? I’m barely managing 😉 Anyway, so glad your son is finally settled. T didn’t really like play-school. The first few weeks of her in reception last year, wasn’t good either. Then she eventually settled. Now at Year 1, she barely looks back at us 🙂 I’m sure you already know your son will be fine 🙂 #wotw

    1. It’s a balancing act! I’m amazed by well he is starting to settle after such an emotional start, I just want to see him happy there. Thanks x

  7. That’s great that your boy went into nursery with no tears!
    This time next year and my eldest will be choosing her GCSE options….She already has a fair idea what she wants to do so that’s helpful.
    It does sound like your girls school is asking a bit too much….As long as she is trying her best that’s all that matters x

    1. I was so pleased! It’s good that she already has ideas, my nephew does, too, so hoping he can do all that he wants. Yes, that’s how I feel, and considering she’s excelling at most things, it’s ridiculous. x

  8. So glad little man better at nursery! Must be such a relief! I think it sounds like the school are a bit tough on your daughter. A bit target crazy I guess 🙁 hope you continue to enjoy your course! Will be a great achievement xx

  9. So nice to hear that little man has settled in now.
    I do think schools pressure little ones way too much. They get there in the end without making unrealistic targets, nice to know Boo takes it in her stride and is happy regardless.
    And you sound like you are really enjoying your course, I hope you enjoy a little break through half term with the kiddies x

  10. Oh well done little man and finally getting him settled must be a huge weight off the both of you. You’re right, timing isn’t great as it’s half term, but I hope it doesn’t set him back too much
    There are so many tests and targets set for reception and Yr 1s, but I think you’re doing the right thing about not worrying too much about it but looking at the bigger picture
    As for your studies, I’m in awe that you’ve managed to do so well with two small children and a blog to run!!
    Have a lovely week xx

    1. He’s definitely getting more comfortable there, which is a relief. I’m fortunate that my girl just gets on with it all. Ah yes, it is fun juggling it all! X

  11. Aw glad there is a breakthrough it is the small steps that get there on the end. It is a massive change for a kid t go into a strange environment but themselves. But I am sure he will get there and build confidence.
    I feel sorry for kids that are at school at 5/6 getting a hard stick. I definately like the Scandinavian way of education with a focus on play and going to school at a much older age.
    Congrats on moving forward with your OU,how exciting for you especially if it something you enjoy.
    Hope you have a lovely half term and enjoy a rest X

  12. Wonderful word and I am so keen to get back to learning course wise in some way possibly OU or possibly local course so I get to meet people and potentially make friends too You prove learning is a lifelong thing and therefore it is a shame that our school pupils are pushed so hard and I think it can have a very bad impact on their mental wellbeing. I remember the refusals and upset when my youngest first started school and how challenging it is when you are working to deadlines too. Hope it all continues to progress positively

    1. I hope you manage to find a course that works for you. My OU course does have local tutorials, too, so still a way to meet people if that’s of interest. It is a bit much at such a young age. Fortunately, my daughter is fine with what’s expected of her, but surely at this age social and confidence should be a higher priority

  13. So pleased you are making progress on the nursery front and things are improving.we had parents evening this week too and was given a whole list of “doing well but could do betters” too. I realise its good to push a little but some positivity would be good. It sounds like Boo is doing brilliantly. X

  14. Jack and Joes first teacher was a bit like that, lots of areas to improve, at first I didn’t get her at all, but do you know what? She just had more of an infinity with the kids than the parents, she was a wonderful teacher that game them a fantastic start in education and I am so glad she taught them, it just took me a while to realise that x

    1. I’d like to believe that’s the case with us, too, though I fear it’s not! Glad it worked out well for your boys, though x

  15. oh I haven’t joined this for a while. Eductaion is a big word on my mind too my son needs more pushing and my daughter needs teaching differently. tricky eh!

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