Word of the Week 14/9/18

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My word of the week this week is:

The weather seems to have taken a turn. The days have been gloomy, overcast, and there’s been too much rain for my liking. I’m not keen on it. I want the sunshine back, I want to hold onto summer and the hot days.

It has coincided with the kids being back at school and me needing to be at my desk. But it hasn’t put me in the best of moods, so I have been working inconsistently, capitalising on bursts of enthusiasm when they appear, peeking through the metaphorical overcast skies. There have been sunny spots, as I’ve had a lovely lunch with a friend, a catch up with my mum, and I went along to a new yoga class. There have been highs, and the kids are settling back into the routine. Yet there is this overall mood of feeling overcast.

I know that this has been due to some sad news that has dominated my week. My best friend’s dad has been in a critical condition for a couple of weeks, so my thoughts have been with them, and then I got the terrible news mid-week that he had died. The world seems to have dimmed without him in it, become overcast. It’s made it difficult to concentrate, my thoughts often wandering to the memories I have of the man himself, and my concern for my friend and her family and the pain that I know they’re in.

It’s been one of those weeks, where I have fought against the gloom. I look forward to some sunshine soon.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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22 thoughts on “Word of the Week 14/9/18”

  1. I’m sorry to hear your sad news, I’m sure your friend and her family appreciate your thoughts and support. I think sadly the summer is well and truly behind us although we have had the odd hour of sunshine here. I hope next week is a much better one for you and the clouds lift a little to help things feel less overcast x

  2. I’m so sorry that your week has been so sad. It’s always hard when someone dies and the weather definitely doesn’t help lift your mood when it’s overcast. I hope next week is a little sunnier for you. x
    Thanks for hosting x

  3. Sorry to hear about the gloomy week you’ve had, and also the terrible news of losing someone who was near & dear – I’m sure your friend and their family greatly appreciate your support at this tough time. I hope there are some bright spots in your weekend.

  4. I’m not surprised that such sad news has dominated your thoughts. I’m sure your friend appreciates having a friend to be there for her. It has been overcast here too. I’ve been rushing out with washing as soon as the clouds clear, but I’ve only been lucky one day. Meant to be brighter next week. Let’s hope.

    Thanks for hosting.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friends father, it is horrible Webb you lose someone that means a lot to you. I am glad that your children are settling in and you are doing spmething which is better then nothing, baby steps and all that X #wotw

  6. Ah no I am so sorry about your friends dad that is heartbreaking. I know what you mean about the rain, although I do love cold frosty days so am hoping we will get a winter like that this year x

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