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My word of the week this week is:


It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve been here there and everywhere, and things have been all out of sync. My lovely new planner has come in handy.

Little Man’s had his flu spray and a haircut this week. Both were preceded with protestations, both involved tears and shouts on arrival, both went off without a hitch once he actually gave in and accepted his fate!

Boo’s had her first year 1 parents evening, which was OK – uneventful is probably how I’d best describe it. As we had that booked in one evening, I then needed to move my study day to another day to make it easier for my mum watching Little Man and then helping us out for parents evening (thanks, mum!), which also had the knock on effect of moving my normal shopping slot appointment. It all served to confuse me about which day we were on when!

And finally, the weekend saw me attending my first OU tutorial and needing to get there on time, after getting Boo to and from her swimming class. I was then also out on Sunday, meeting up with a couple of lovely friends, which though perhaps not ‘an appointment’ it was somewhere I needed to be. It also meant that flying about for that, and then fitting everything else in around it, I forgot to message my little brother on his wedding anniversary (I had sent a card, I remembered that!). My guilt is great, the first ball has been dropped. I’m hoping it’s the last. This parenting, blogging, studying malarkey is a tricky thing to balance.

I do hope next week’s a little quieter…

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39 thoughts on “Word of the Week 16/10/15”

  1. Those weeks make me realise I need a planner! Hope the flu spray was ok! We have that soon. Eek. It sounds like you had some time for yourself too which was good 🙂 Have a good weekend! I’m struggling to link up hun…possibly the linky tool?? Thanks for hosting though xxx

  2. Wow that does sound like a very busy week and with so many balls to juggle, I’m impressed that you only actually dropped one of them (although as you remembered to send a card, I think it only counts as half-dropping that particular ball!). I am sure your planner must have been invaluable this week with everything you had to keep track of. Hope you get a bit of breathing space over the weekend and that next week is much easier for you!

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Everyone got to be where they needed to be and everything that needed doing got done. I would call that a win!

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  5. Yup, you need a planner for weeks like these!! In fact, more and more of my weeks are sounding like yours & I couldn’t live without my planner!! When you have appointments that move one thing it’s surprising how quickly it impacts on the rest of your week – everything is so finely balanced that it doesn’t take much to tip it over the edge!! Glad Flu spray went well, I have that for Little Mister during half term.
    I think you did really well to send a card & to only drop one ball. Funny isn’t it that you achieve so much and yet it’s the one that drops that seems to make the impact.
    Hope your weekend is a bit more chilled

    1. You are right there. The long-lasting impression of my week is that I let my brother down, rather than that I got other things done. Ah well, always our greatest critics, I guess! Thanks x

  6. Oh no, well you can blame me for forgetting to message your brother! I’m loving my new planner-I have lists a plenty but at least now they’re all in one place 🙂 I hope you find yourself back into the usual familiar routine soon, although it’s half term soon isn’t it so that’ll be all change again xx

    1. No, I’d never blame you, my fault entirely! Glad to hear it’s going well, and lists in one place is somehow more manageable than having them all over the place! x

  7. Oh goodness me you’ve been exceptionally busy. It’s a good thing you have your new planner! Oh bless poor little man getting so upset before his appointments, I’m glad by the time they were ready for him he had calmed down and just accepted it. Here’s to a quieter and more relaxed next week! Have a great weekend hon.xx

  8. Hi Jocelyn, you have had one of ‘those’ weeks! Your planner may well have come in handy for moving around your appointments, but it’s that feeling of disorientation that can put the spanner in the works during weeks like this! I hope next week is back to normal for you and you get time to study, blog and breathe.

    Will check back for the linkup.


  9. Gosh sounds like it’s been a crazy week. Just reading that had me a little confused so I understand how you weren’t sure whether you were coming or going.

  10. I ma exactly the same, I love being busy but at the same time lists and appointments stress me out. I feel I need to mentally tick them one by one. It is so lovely when you have fulfilled the list and can breath until the next time. Glad parents evening went ok, and flu spray never heard of that. Jack has the injection a spray would be so much better one less needle for him x

  11. sounds like a busy week indeed, I hope you are enjoying a restful weekend and that things are a little less hectic next week! well done for keeping everything together! x

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