Word of the Week 17/1/14

Again, thanks so much for reading and joining in with Word of the Week. I enjoy reading all of the others posts so much, and like reflecting back on my week in this way and selecting my word. And for this week, I feel it has to be…

freneticI’ve been a little busy! I feel like I’ve literally bounced from one thing to the next, fast and with full gusto! Boo’s been waking too early, Little Man’s climbing and general ability to create chaos in his wake wherever he goes is heightening, I’ve had all of my new cards stock and brochures in this week, so am arranging sales and offers there, and this blog, well, it’s keeping me occupied! In the past few days alone, I’ve got a new project on the go, organised fabulous guest posts for my new photography series and hobby, written and arranged several more reviews, got a great give-away sorted and I’ve drafted up around another 10 posts that I’m excited about. And the chores are still being done and the meals are actually still being served! So, yep, frenetic. I’m feeling a little wild, a little unhinged, but I’m keeping it all together – how? Why, with my notebooks, planners and diaries, of course 😉

So, how about you? How’s your week been and how are you summing it up this week? Grab the badge, join the linky and check out some other words…

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44 thoughts on “Word of the Week 17/1/14”

  1. Wow, sounds as though you’ve been having a very productive time! Good luck with all the selling. My week’s been busy two – spending hours transferring my blog to self-hosted wordpress, getting my head round the new system, and trying to finish the New Year declutter! All good, though…

  2. Like I said, I’m waving in your wake 🙂 All good though-done fab ideas mulling around in your frenetic head let alone general life 🙂 I keep forgetting to grab your badge, sorry. Will try to do it today x

    1. Yes, I’m definitely moving forwards! I kind of like my frenetic state, though I’m fairly sure it’s not sustainable..! Thanks x

  3. All your hard work is appreciated with your blogging. Lots of us have joined in which must be a real drive and we are really enjoying it.
    And who can resist a good planner! That’s the fun of being busy organisation and pretty planners

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  5. Busy, busy, busy but sounds fun. Pretty hectic here too but I’ve just got a lovely new tablet with lots of tools on it to hopefully keep me organised. Plus it’s much easier to use in bed than the laptop!

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