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Hello and welcome to Word of the Week. One of my favourite parts of my week is reading everyone’s words, so thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and link up. Thanks for all of your birthday wishes last week, too, it was lovely thank you.

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My word of the week this week is:


It was a close-run thing this week, between ‘anxious’ or ‘Fitbit’. I’ve gone with Fitbit as it’s dominated a day or two more, and today my anxiety is subsiding. Why anxious? I’ve had a poorly dog here. On his visit to the vet on Monday we were advised he’d need an X-Ray as a tumour was suspected. There was then an anxious few days wait until his appointment yesterday. I’d convinced myself I was saying goodbye to him yesterday, but I’m delighted to report that last night a very woozy, wobbly and sore little Harry returned home to me having had his spleen and tumour removed. We await the biopsy results, but for now, he’s home and I have a patient to be taking care of. My anxiety is easing for now.

So onto this Fitbit….

I asked for a Fitbit for my birthday, and the Husband came through and bought me a Fitbit Charge (along with loads of other treats, I was spoiled!). I wisely elected not to wear it on my birthday – who wants to monitor their calorie intake when there’s birthday cake and trifle around?! But then I put it on that evening to go to bed, and so it began..

In case you don’t know what it is, it basically measures my activity levels. On my wrist is the time, steps I’ve walked each day, calories burned, miles travelled and flights of stairs I’ve walked up. It then links up with my PC (you can sync it with most phones, but it’s not yet compatible with mine, which may be a good thing, as I’d no doubt look at it even more then!) and there I have keyed in my weight loss goal, too. So I record there what I eat and drink throughout the day, and it reminds me to log my 8 glasses of water, and then checks in on my activity and calories burned, advising me how many more calories I can eat that day – if I go over, I need to move more to compensate! It also monitors my sleep, as in how much I had, when, whether I was restless, awake through the night and so on. I find that interesting, though it’s of little use to me!

I’m walking a lot more this week. I’m eating a lot less this week. The Fitbit is making me do it. This slim little black thing on my wrist has me under it’s spell, and I’m enjoying it. I’m finding it fun. I’m trying to have walked my 10,000 steps earlier and earlier each day (it does a little celebratory vibration when you hit that milestone!), and though it’s telling me on the ‘hard’ plan that I’ll have hit my weight goal by early September, I’m finding myself competitive with the Fitbit itself and want to do it sooner! So one week in, it’s fair to say that I like it… Have you got one?

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36 thoughts on “Word of the Week 19/6/15”

  1. What a lovely present and glad that the Fitbit is helping to keep you motivated with your weight loss goal. Sorry to hear about your anxious week with Harry, glad he is home and hope he will recover quickly and there will be good news on the biopsy results.

    1. It is, thank you! He’s struggling a bit today, so I’ll feel much better when he’s moving around freely and eating again. Thank you x

  2. im so interested to find out how you get on with this. I almost bought one recently but was overwhelmed by which one to get. If you blog more about the Fitbit please give me a nudge to follow up xx

  3. I am getting a Fitbit! I was hoping to get it this week but it’s now looking like it will be next week instead. I’m going to buy the Fitbit Flex – I would love the Charge but it’s a little bit out of my price range at the moment.

    It’s great that you have only had it a couple of days and you are already finding yourself competing with it! Xxx

  4. Glad to hear the pooch is recovering, hope the bioposy comes back clear.
    I keep thinking about getting a Fitbit charge HR but I don’t think it will encourage me to do more exercise, maybe it would, I don’t know! It’s a lot of money if I don’t end up using it!

    1. Thank you, here’s hoping. It is a lot if you don’t use it, but then you might love it – who knows?!

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  6. I’m glad Henry the dog is home and well 🙂 Fingers crossed for the biopsy results x
    I haven’t got a Fitbit and I’m not sure I’d want one… but if it’s helping you then all to the good 🙂

  7. Im soo tempted to treat myself to one. Im using my phone to monitor steps but i cant do it daily because of remembering to switch the app on and off and draining the battery so wearing one on my wrist would be alot easier.

  8. Oh I like the sound of this Fitbit, will have to look into this, thanks for the heads up.
    It is awful when our furry family members get poorly isn’t it,
    I’m so glad to hear Harry is recovering and i’l keep my fingers crossed that his biopsy comes back clear x

  9. So glad to hear Harry is back home and I hope he’s his usual happy self soon.
    Ooò what a lovely hubby you have! I’m so glad that you are enjoying your new fitbit and that you are adjusting to it so well.Good luck hon, i can’t wait to see how you get on!xx

  10. I’m not as posh but have a fitbit flex which I love. Been activily doing 10,000 for about 2 years so I treated myself to a fitbit as heard good reviews. My God when it vibrates the first day or two in the beginning I used to scream bluye murder, lol. I hate unexpected things and so look like a raving lunatic but soon got used to it. It is brilliant and it can really motivate you. Good luck with it.
    Sorry to hear about yourself I bhopehe get some rest and sending you some positive vibes X

  11. You sound hooked! My husband got one for Xmas and he’s been obsessed by the figures so it is a good motivator, although he does take it off on those days/nights he’s celebrating something
    Good luck with your goal and thnx for the link up as always xx

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