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My word of the week this week is:


As with last week, we’ve had plenty of fun and ‘play’ could well apply again, but on top of that, there’s also been the added excitement of giving Boo’s bedroom a makeover.

This has been fun to plan, and she enjoyed helping to choose the paint and new carpet. The Husband pulled the old carpet up at the weekend and decorated in there, so Boo was sleeping in Little Man’s bedroom with him for a few days, with all of her clothes and belongings over our bedroom floor – upstairs was chaos!

Boo was keen to have a desk and some bookshelves, so knowing what she wanted, we handed the kids over to my mum overnight on Wednesday (queue much excitement from them as this was the first time they’d both stayed there). This meant that we could get the carpet fitted, make an evening trip to Ikea and build furniture without two small ones running about like crazy. It was so much easier doing it this way and it also meant that for the first time in ages, the Husband and I got a lie-in Thursday morning – hooray!

Boo absolutely loves it! It was lovely seeing the happiness on her face when she first saw it, and she immediately wrote a Post-it note for her door declaring it ‘the best bedroom in the world’ – how sweet! She cannot stop thanking us, bless her. It’s a more grown up room for her, and with moving things about, it looks a lot bigger, too. She wants to just stay in there all day now! I’m so pleased she likes it.


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41 thoughts on “Word of the Week 21/8/15”

  1. I am not surprised she loves it, it looks fab! How brilliant that they were able to stay with your mum and let you get on with it too. Also a restorative lie in always helps! Congratulations on deciding to study, good luck with it Jocelyn, I bet you never regret it. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for hosting x x x

    1. It was so much easier that way, as it still took us hours – it’d have been twice the time with kids! Thank you, I’m looking forward to it 🙂 x

  2. It looks great and I bet it was lovely to see her face light up when she got home! I think my Ikea trip is for some of those very same units (no desk unfortunately) but I don’t think I’ll be able to swing the pink baskets 🙁 Thanks for hosting #wotw

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  4. Oh I love this! And what a great way to get it all sorted. CM currently has the unit on its side- maybe we’ll upgrade with the desk in the coming years- it really does look like a perfect room for Boo.

  5. Ah bless, it lovely seeing them so excited about having their own space, we have done both the boys rooms lately and they love their space and actually spend quite a bit of time chilling in them x

    1. Yes, I’ve been surprised by how much time she’s spending in there now – she keeps disappearing upstairs! X

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