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My word of the week this week is:


So if you popped by last week you’ll know that my daughter was unwell, but appeared to be on the up, or so I thought.

Saturday she went back down hill, barely eating, very quiet and still running a high temperature. Sunday we took her to the doctors who sent us straight to hospital as her fever was so high and she had no other obvious symptoms. After a couple of hours there, we were advised it was a virus that would run it’s course, and to keep her temperature down as much as possible. It finally returned to normal on Tuesday, she started eating properly again on Wednesday and today as I write this (Thursday) she’s back at school and back to normal, at last. So it’s been a week dominated by me brandishing a thermometer at my poor girl all hours of the day, for what felt like days on end, checking whether, and wondering when, her fever would finally break. Little Man’s been full of a cold, but fortunately has not had a high temperature – I can be certain of this because each time I checked Boo’s, he wanted to be checked, too!

It’s been a quiet one with lots of crafts, stories, movies and cuddles at home, and we were lucky that the weather has been nice enough to play out in the garden most days, too. Good to be back to normal again now, though.

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26 thoughts on “Word of the Week 24/4/15”

  1. Poor Boo – so glad she is finally feeling better now and that Little Man has been fine – keeping fingers very firmly crossed that this will continue to be the case. Thanks for hosting #WotW – love linking up each week 🙂

  2. Aw Poor little Boo, it is vile when Little Ones are poorly isn’t it,
    just makes you want to swap places with them and take it yourself.
    Glad she has recovered and hope you can now all have a fun filled weekend 🙂 x

  3. Glad to hear she’s on the mend; it’s not nice watching them when they’re poorly and with a fever there’s always an underlying worry isn’t there?! Glad you’re getting back to normal and fingers crossed little man only has a cold, nothing more serious
    Thanks for the lovely linky xx

  4. So sorry to hear about your daughter not being to well, here’s to a great weekend!
    Thanks for the great linky. I love the idea of summing up the week in one word! xx

  5. Oh poor Boo 🙁 glad she’s feeling better now. There are lots of colds, viruses and Chicken Pox doing the rounds here :S so far we’ve avoided them..

  6. Oh no that’s the worst thing for me when the girls are not well. It’s awful when they don’t eat and it’s clear they are feeling rotten. I hope she is over it now – bless her. How funny though that her brother made you check his temperature too!?! Ha! X

  7. It’s always a worry when a little one gets a fever, glad things have returned to normal. And don’t you just hate the “it’s a virus” answer! I know not the docs fault but still leaves you wondering.

  8. It is absolutely terrifying when they develop these high fevers. It makes them feel absolutely awful, and when you can’t identify the source, it is even scarier. Thank goodness it ran its course without any complications. x

  9. Hi Jocelyn, love the new photo of you, very cute!

    It is a worry when children run high temperatures for no apparent reason. At least your daughter is back to normal and little man is getting over his cold. Fingers crossed that now the nicer weather is here that that’sthe last of your illnesses for a while!


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  11. Thanks, All, for your lovely comments and well wishes. Boo’s been absolutely fine and Little Man is well, too 🙂

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