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My word of the week this week is:

star wars

OK, I know it’s two words, but they kind of go hand in hand!

Little Man has ‘discovered’ Star Wars. It has become an obsession. All that he wants to talk about, watch and play revolves around Star Wars. With his birthday in just a few weeks, he now apparently needs a Yoda, a Stormtrooper, a Chewbacca and a lightsaber. And yes, I have already bought his presents, all before the Star Wars craze hit. Sigh.

Now as luck would have it, I am pretty au fait with Star Wars. I can answer questions about the different characters, planets and systems and plot lines. I struggle a bit around the gadgetry and machines, I know my AT-ATs and X-Wings, but lose interest beyond that. It’s the concept that I find tricky to explain. The Force and the Dark Side aren’t that easy for a two year old to understand. But then I realise that I’m wasting my breath anyway, as Little Man just wants to laugh at Yoda, sing the Imperial March and attack me with a lightsaber. OK, that I can handle.

Of course, the Husband is delighted. He is totally backing the new birthday list and looks forward to wielding a lightsaber himself. In his boy, he sees himself, and I can see how happy that makes him. I suspect Star Wars is about to reign here for many years to come….

I also just want to say a big thanks for last week, too. I really appreciated your condolences and best wishes, and our weekend away was just what we needed. Thank you.

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46 thoughts on “Word of the Week 24/7/15”

    1. Oh, a huge pile of pressie ideas! It’s long been a favourite here, so it was only a matter of time before Little Man got into it x

  1. I love Star Wars, been a while since I watched it though, need to rectify that soon!
    No chance you can return some of the gifts you’ve bought already and exchange then for a few Star Wars ones?

    1. As luck would have it, he has a lot of lovely family that will no doubt ask me what to get him – I’m preparing my list! X

  2. We’ve got the coolest lightsaber-when you press the button it lights up and makes the sound effects 🙂 Star Wars is the best fun! Will have to join in with Little Man next week x

  3. My son was mildly obsessed with Star Wars when he was 3 and 4. He went off it for a while after that, but it now coming back to it now he’s older. He liked it on a very simplistic level. I would recommend the Lego Star Wars mini movies you can buy. They are amusing and explain things on a much simpler level than the real films! Much easier to understand and not scary. My son also used to love those Star Wars fighter pod things – which came in a sachet with a little figure inside them. I’m not sure if you still get them but might be worth looking out for! x #WotW

    1. Oh yes, we have a few of the Lego mini movies and he absolutely loves them – watches them more than the actual films. Thanks for the tip, too, will look out for them x

  4. Aww bless him!
    I used to childmind a boy who was obsessed by Star Wars, we’d draw Darth Vader together and hum the theme tune as we walked around. Happy days!
    I must admit I haven’t seen any of the films and nor has Hubbie – two of the very few not to I’m sure!
    Glad you’re feeling brighter but take your time, remember happy memories with H and have a lovely weekend x

    1. How have you not seen them?! They are good, and I realise that it’s lucky that I think so!
      Thank you, lovely of you. Have a good one, too x

  5. Oh yes, we’re entering into that stage too but so far we’re teetering between Star Wars & Power Rangers! I remember when your Little Man was obsessed with Gigglebiz. They grow up so fast!
    I do think, however, that Star Wars is probably here to stay for some time; my friends with older boys are knee deep in Star Wars toys.
    Glad to hear you had a good week.

    1. Oh yes, I know! Don’t worry, he stills likes Gigglebiz. They do grow so quickly, though, and maybe because he’s the second child as I know Boo at this age was still all about CBeebies and Disney Junior. As you say, at least I know Star Wars will stick around for a long time, so any toys he gets will be worth it! Thank you x

  6. I’m not a Star Wars fan myself but my husband is and I think he would love it if my son got into Star Wars, at the moment he’s not interested at all! Ha.


  7. My husband is desperate for my son to get into start wars (me not so much), but so far, he hasn’t shown any interest. It’s nice to see a passion. good luck with learning the gadgetry x

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  10. You do not need to buy a lightsaber! My eldest (now 16) hit a huge Star Wars obsession at age three. We had the most ginormous basket in his bedroom filled to the brim with lightsabers he made every. single. day at nursery for months & months, out of toilet rolls & kitchen roll tubes. Seriously hundreds of the things! Just give your son a bunch of cardboard tubes and a pack of felt tips for his birthday and he’ll be happy! (Or, if you want to go up a gear, do what we did for my recently-six-year-old’s party and get a bunch of those insulating tubes that go around pipes from b&q. Wrap in electricians tape and be considered the best mum ever!)

    1. It’s funny you say that, as we’ve decided not to get him one, given that he uses sticks and kitchen roll tubes anyway and is destructive enough with those!

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