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My word of the week this week is:


We’ve stayed home for most of this week. We’ve had several play dates here, along with most of our family popping round. Boo has been excitedly inviting everyone she can think of to come round to see her new bedroom, which has been lovely.

The guinea pigs have also had a new home this week. We decided that we’d like to bring them indoors, so after a fair bit of research and shopping around, we ordered their new cage. We bought them a few new bits of furniture to go in there, too, and I think that judging by all of their happy ‘popcorning’ that they absolutely love it. It’s nice having them inside as the kids get to see much more of them now.

I’ve also had my OU study materials all arrive. I’m excited, though I’m still trying to find a ‘home’ for them that works efficiently for me. I want them neatly away somewhere (I cannot do clutter!) but nice and to hand whenever I have a little time to work. I will figure it out!

Next week we will have the Husband at home with us for most of the time, as we have the long weekend and Little Man’s birthday to look forward to, so I’m also trying to get some of the more mundane housework and jobs around the home out of the way so that we can have a fun few days.

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46 thoughts on “Word of the Week 28/8/15”

  1. sounds like a lovely week! our guinea pigs have been indoors since we got them, my husband built them a cage with a perspex front so they can see us & we get the fun of seeing them!

  2. It’s good to have weeks at home and while being busy it gives you the chance to just be and to prepare for the week ahead, which sounds like it might be a busier one! Thanks for hosting and have a fab weekend x

  3. Oh yes, I can imagine you must be keen to find a good place for your study materials-I don’t think I’ve ever spotted any clutter in your home 🙂 I thought you might end up bringing the guinea pigs inside too-look forward to meeting them soon, and I’m rather relieved that the children won’t be there as I know exactly what will happen! x

  4. Sounds like the perfect week.
    Monkey is really wanting a guinea pig, so looks like we will be homing one soon.
    Thanks for hosting hon and have a great weekend x

  5. That does sound like such a fantastic week- especially with so much to look forward to- a birthday and new things to study- definitely a wonderful new chapter.

  6. Home is such a fabulous place to be! Sometimes you just need some time at home to appreciate it and enjoy it, and it sounds like that’s what you’ve been doing. During the holidays we’ve often enjoyed long spells at home and the children love it!
    Hope you managed to get your jobs done ready for next week’s celebrations and your guinea pigs are enjoying their new home!
    Thanks for the linky xx

    1. It’s been lovely, it’ll be strange getting back into the school routine. Yes, on top of everything so far! Thanks x

  7. It seems like it’s been a quiet week, but also exciting with the playdates and Boo showing her room to everyone who wanted to see it. Its great that you go tyour OU mateirals. I also sutdy with the Open University, though in the Netherlands.

  8. Sounds like the perfect word to sum up your week. If I was Boo I would want to show off my lovely bedroom too. I hope you find a good place for your OU stuff, I would want it in a neat place too x #WotW

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