Word of the Week 29/6/18

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My word of the week this week is:

School life seems to have taken over this week, there’s so much going on at this time of year!

At the end of last week, Boo had her first school sleepover, and it felt so strange. Dropping her off at school on the evening and then not seeing her until the end of the following school day threw me and I missed her. Fortunately, I still had to drop Little Man in on the morning, and as it happens it was his class teacher that had slept with the girls from Boo’s class so she was able to let me know that she was OK. She’d been pretty much the last one asleep and the first awake, so it’s fair to say that when I collected her that afternoon she was somewhat tired. And emotional. Oh, so emotional. I had anticipated it, though, so I drew on all my patient mum reserves (I don’t have that many of these, so I was pretty proud of myself!) and made it through until she was safely tucked up back in her own bed and sleeping it all off.

Since then, I’ve had Little Man off school one day with a fever, we’ve had both Sports Days taking place so I have been there for two afternoons this week, and we have had so many letters and things to remember. Boo has a school trip today, and needed to be dropped off early with a packed lunch, meanwhile Little Man could have a non-uniform day as long as I took in donations for the summer fayre. Boo has then got a Roman day next week, so I’ve had to quickly order a suitable costume for that, and on that same day, Little Man is in his first assembly so I’ve needed to send his outfit in for that. They both have projects needing to be handed in imminently and then there have been the letters for Little Man’s upcoming school trip and Boo’s summer barbecue. We’re also waiting on the announcement about next year’s teachers and then their transition sessions, and I’m anticipating a letter about booking in parents evening any time now, which all means that there’s a lot of talk about school in our house at the moment.

I’m not gonna lie, I am ready for the end of term. Roll on the next three weeks!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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16 thoughts on “Word of the Week 29/6/18”

  1. The end of the summer term always seems to be a busy one! Glad Boo enjoyed her school sleepover and well done for getting through the evening until bedtime with her being so overtired and emotional. Hope she enjoys her school trip today and that both she and Little Man had fun at their sports days. Hope you manage to find time to relax over the weekend and recover from all the busyness! #WotW

  2. This time of year is crazy, it makes me very grateful to work from home and be able to drop everything at a moments notice. Your week sounds similar to mine, Jake has been off poorly and there’s been a zillion school things to remember. I bet Boo had a great time at the school sleepover, Daisy would love to do that. I hope the kids managed to keep cool for their sports days, this week has been a scorcher hasn’t it. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Yes, I’ve said the same thing to a friend this week, it’s so good to be working from home. Thanks, you too x

  3. Our kids are tired and excited all at the same time and we’re thinking a lot about schools for our eldest so school is definitely on our minds here too. Thanks for hosting

  4. I’d noticed the sudden increase in texts from school and last minute non uniform days (in exchange for summer fayre donations)! and special meal days and trips and.. LOL! yes roll on the 6 weeks!

  5. School has been a focus of our week too, so much going on, award assemblies, assessments, residentials, Yes I can’t wait for them to break up either. I see that my word of the week is a popular one this week 🙂

  6. Ahh! That first sleepover is hard for us parents…It sounds like she had a good time though.
    It’s all go here at school too. There is so much going on and I am terrified of forgetting about something. I can’t wait for the holidays to relax a little. lol

  7. Aw I bet you are it sounds like a crazy week, I so miss that. Its so odd as I am dying to get Joe back to school even if its only for 2 weeks. I bet Boo had an amazing time the first sleepover is such a big deal I remember how excited the boys were x

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