Word of the Week 29/1/16

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My word of the week this week is:


Yes, inside. As that is where I have been.

Boo took ill over the weekend, only returning to school yesterday, so other than the very briefest of errands run, I have been inside for most of the week.

Inside with Boo wasn’t too bad. She was poorly, with a high temperature and barely eating, so was very lethargic. She was quiet, calm, content to read, colour, watch films and play on her Kindle. However, inside with a 3 year old bursting with energy as he had barely been anywhere for days and days was a little more challenging. Fortunately, he did go to nursery on Tuesday, which made for a very peaceful day for Boo and I as I got some studying done and she got through a mountain of jigsaw puzzles.

We have crafted, we have baked, we have come up with small world play, read a lot of books, watched some new films, made dens, built Lego, played with toys, you name it, we’ve done it!

My girl is now well and she went back to school yesterday. With the sun shining brightly I asked Little Man what he’d like to do with our day. ‘Soft play’ was his reply, so yes, I was inside again! Ah well, at least we got out for the school run…

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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34 thoughts on “Word of the Week 29/1/16”

  1. Hi Jocelyn, it certainly that horrible time of year when the nasty bugs strike. I hope that niether you or Little Man doesn’t catch what Boo had.

    Being stuck inside is so different to choosing to stay inside, but the world seems so fresh when you finally get out again. On the positive side, you did got to spend some quality time together and got some studying done.

    Thanks for hosting.


    1. I’m hoping he doesn’t, and so far we’re all well. Yes, it’s knowing you can’t go out rather than choosing not to that feels harder! Thanks x

  2. Oh poor Boo! Having one poorly and one healthy child at the same time can be quite taxing, can’t it – especially when the healthy one is an enthusiastic toddler! I hope the coming week is better for you… and bug free!

    Thanks so much for hosting. Xxx

  3. Poor Boo, glad to hear she’s feeling better and sounds like you made the most of being stuck inside. How funny that Little Man chose to go back inside when you were finally able to get out and about again! Hope you have a lovely weekend, thanks for hosting #WotW 🙂

    1. We did make the most of it, thanks, kept very busy! Oh, I know, crazy little thing! At least it was a change of scenery, though! x

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  5. Oh nice to have all playtime together but nasty that Boo is ill. I’m off work today with a poorly girl (not too bad) but the second cold virus since Christmas! They are everywhere eh? Hope everyone back to normal now and thanks for hosting xx

  6. Finallyable to link-up! Glad Your little girl is okay now. T has a bad cough, all the kids in her school either has a bad cough, r cold, or worse, both! Sorry it took me ages to limk-up again. Keep meaning too, but Fridays are always a bit manic for us. But hopefully, I’ll be able to lin-up regularly once again. ? #wotw

    1. Ah, it must be playing up! Poor T, there’s loads going round right now, isn’t there? So lovely to have you joining in again, with your beautiful blog 🙂 x

  7. Ahh, it’s a bad time of the year for picking up bugs. We’ve been indoors a lot recently due to bad weather and you do start to go a bit stir crazy! x

  8. Sorry to hear you and Boo have been poorly and stuck indoors. Pleased to hear she recovered and I hope you are on the mend too. Thanks for hosting #wotw

  9. Glad Boo is better and that Little Man is settling more easily at nursery, sometimes inside is what it is I guess. Let’s hope some bright sunny days are on the way to tempt them outside – thanks for hosting #wotw x

  10. Ah I am so glad she is better, there is nothing worse than feeling under the weather, and yes there is also nothing worse that a toddler with cabin fever, I bet you are glad last week is over x

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