Word of the Week 31/1/14

Thank you again to those of you joining in and commenting last week. It is enjoyable to ponder the week and see what word best sums it all up, so do feel free to join in and do the same – you can read more about Word of the Week here.

This week’s word has just come to me in a blinding flash, as I’d been struggling to think of it, and with hindsight, it was obvious. And it just so happens to be one of my favourite words…

books wotw

Few things make me happier 🙂 This week, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive several gorgeous picture books to review, some books I’d ordered for the children arrived and my mum popped in and had bought them one each – they’ve had a lot! Which also tied in nicely with my monthly favourite reads post and our first update on our #300PBs challenge, as Boo is particularly enjoying reading new books and ‘pinning’ them with me! Little Man has also now got his first proper bookcase in his room, which he delights in – both because he has easy access to all of his books and because it’s fun to repeatedly pull them all off the shelves, apparently! And, I got my reading groove back, having taken a while to get through a couple of books that I just wasn’t loving, but then I started a new series that has seen me read all 3 titles in the past week. Happy bookish times here!

So how about you? What word sums up your week best? Blog it, grab the badge, link up, check out other’s words and share…

I’m aware that for some reason (I haven’t a clue!) some people cannot see the linky showing up here, so there is now a #WotW 2nd attempt post right after this one, where I believe all should be well, so pop there if you need to – sorry for the weirdness of it all!

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26 thoughts on “Word of the Week 31/1/14”

  1. Ahh, pulling all the books off the shelves-such fun and my 3 year old is still doing it. Actually, come to think of it my 7 year old can still give that one a go too sometimes when she’s ‘looking’ for something, strange how they never find putting them back quite as much fun! Glad you’ve found your reading groove-not much fun when you’re having to suffer through a book. A lovely word of the week.

    1. He loves it, of course! At least he enjoys reading them, too. So much happier when I’ve a good book to look forward to at night 🙂

  2. Great word. I like books too, but I am such a slow reader, it takes me ages to get through a book 🙁
    I am always amazed at how people can read several books in a week!

  3. Books… I can’t get enough of them either! What I really love about them is being taken to a whole new world. Imagination knows no bounds. Or at least only the boundaries you allow to be imposed.

  4. Fab word, we love books in our house too. My 23mo went through a stage (must have been little man’s age) where nothing delighted her more than pulling all the books off the bookcase, and all the DVDs out of the DVD cupboard. Fun times 🙂

    1. Mine, too 🙂 Well, I’d only read the two until last week. My reading pace depends on how much I’m enjoying the books!

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