Word of the Week 3/1/14

My new feature is here! Word of the Week starts today, where I will be summing up my week in one word, and inviting anyone else that fancies it to do the same, and link up here, too. Or, Instagram it with #WotW.

So my first word of 2014 is…


I do like to be 🙂 And this week has seen me find homes for the many new toys we now own, clear a new desk space, start on my new diaries and calendar, get blog plans up-and-running, dive back into my business after a Christmas break and start some new budgeting and saving regimes. So, yes, I think ‘organised’ sums this week up well!

What about you? What word captures this week for you? Leave a comment, or grab the badge, link up a post and please take a moment to go see what everyone else has to say for themselves this week…

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Linky open every week from Friday morning, until Sunday night.

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63 thoughts on “Word of the Week 3/1/14”

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  3. After being so excited to join in – I nearly forgot!! Whoops! But have joined now! Can’t believe how many people are being organised this week – if I hadn’t already chosen my word, this would have been a close second as we’ve tidied away and cleared out – it’s a great way to start a new year.
    Glad to be part of your new project. Thanks for hosting!

    1. But you did remember! Great time of year for getting organised, I think. Lovely to have you be a part of my new project 🙂

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  5. Oh this is fun! Will definitely link-up next week… at the moment, I’m putting-away my Christmas decors, but so looking forward to linking-up next week! 🙂 Happy New Year.

  6. I love this linky, what a great idea. I’ve just written a post on my WotW, and linked it up. Look forward to reading the other posts and joining in through the year! x

    1. It gets to you, doesn’t it? Happy for the kids to play & have toys out everywhere, as long as I know where the go each night!

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  8. Love the idea for the linky – so simple and powerful.
    Sounds like you have made an amazing start to 2014! I too have been getting a bit more organised with decluttering and new systems for household chores.

    1. Thanks very much. I like the simplicity of it, too, yet says so much. 3rd day in to 2014, & it’s ok so far! Hope your organising is working out well for you x

  9. i try to be organised but it doesnt come easy to me! i do love it when i know what im doing and where things are but seems like a lot of work getting to that stage sometimes! oh well something else to work on i suppose! love your new linky, will defo link up again soon 🙂

    1. I do like being organised 🙂 makes my life easier! Thank you & thanks for joining in – love reading everyone else’s words.

    1. I’ve been a little overwhelmed by people’s interest. I loved the idea, and it’s lovely to see so many other people liking it, too. Glad it helped you in your reflections.

  10. What a good idea for a linky 🙂 My word of the week would be frustrated – because I want my shoulder to be better and it just ruddy won’t! Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo and I’ll try and get the word out about your linky (pardon the pun!).

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