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Hello and welcome to Word of the Week. Thanks to those of you that linked up last week, I look forward to reading all about your weeks this week.

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My word of the week this week is:


I pondered this week’s word for a while. Nothing jumped out immediately. It’s been a good week, with Boo still off school for half of it, a fun afternoon at Thomasland, a fabulous family day out at Wychwood Festival, and then when she was back, I went in for an afternoon for a school workshop. Then I spotted a theme. Plants.

With the weather finally warming up, I’ve been enjoying watching what’s happening out in my garden, with new things seemingly blooming daily now. I was also delighted when a family friend kindly gave me a wisteria this week, a plant that I’ve always loved and wanted, but to be honest, feared killing! Well, I’ve got one now, so I’m hoping that it thrives. I’ve popped it out in the front bed, as I’d love to have it climbing up the front of my house. I’ve also recently had a gorgeous Twisted Hazel which makes me smile every time I look out there. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sharing plenty of my plants over there as they open and delight me.

Then in addition to this, the reason that I spotted it as a theme for the week, is that I find myself noticing them everywhere else, too. In the book I’m reading at the moment, the main character is a gardener. Riding the Thomas train, driving down to the festival, checking out what Boo’s been planting at school, when I’m out on my run, anywhere and everywhere, I’m looking at and admiring plants. I realise that this may not seem too odd, but you have to remember that until this last couple of years, I wasn’t especially interested in gardening, yet now everywhere I go, it’s about the plants. My mum was like this throughout my childhood (still is, of course) and I remember laughing at her for always looking at the plants, and now I’m doing it! It’s making me happy, though, so I’m going to keep on doing it.

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52 thoughts on “Word of the Week 5/6/15”

  1. It is lovely to see plants blooming at this time of year and I’m glad that you’ve discovered a love for gardening over the last couple of years. I’m still hoping mine will materialise eventually although my current focus in the garden is removing unwanted plants rather than enjoying seeing them bloom! Wisteria is so pretty, good luck with growing yours. Thanks for hosting #wotw and hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Great word for your week.
    Coincidentally I’ve been pondering the wisteria plants for sale outside our Waitrose, wondering if it would grow in our garden.
    I’m enjoying our garden this year, with all the fruit potentially growing and the flowers. Never used to, just used to mow it.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Ha ha I know what you mean Jocelyn. I find myself doing the same (though not quite to the extent that hubs does) and like you I had zero interest in gardening until we started our garden renovation a year or so ago!! Xx

  4. Spotted the wisteria on Instagram. It would look lovely at the front of your house-would fit in perfectly. Such a beautiful plant isn’t it. I love our walk to school this time of year because of all the beautiful plants-I spotted one the other morning that was stunning and realised I had actually got it in my own garden, only it didn’t look quite as stunning! x

  5. Great word! I love plants and gardening although I’m not very green fingered. I love watching my vegetables growing at the moment and can’t wait until I can pick them for meals x

    Thanks for hosting.

  6. Lovely word of the week. It’s that time of the year that we get some beautiful surprise from our garden. Olivia and I are still adding more plants too. xx

    1. Yes my son’s more interested in digging and worms than actual flowers! My daughter loves it all, though, and is great at remembering plants names! x

  7. Ahh I love the word this week! I love plants, well flowers mainly and all of mine in the garden at the moment are blooming which is great 🙂

    Helen – #WotW

  8. Yes, I’ve been loving all things plant related too this week. I used to moan so much when my parents dragged us to the garden centre, or spent the day gardening – NOW, I understand #WotW

  9. Lovely 🙂 I haven’t done my tubs or baskets yet.. didn’t seem to be the weather for them. Maybe this weekend…

    1. Thank you. I keep spotting new things blooming and just get excited and have to share! And thank you for adding it 🙂 Have a good one, too x

  10. I also love gardening now although could take it or leave it as a child. I’d love a wisteria to climb up the front of the house. *Scoots off to instagram to see what a twisted hazel is* x

  11. A lovely word of the week, I wish we could grow more than weeds 🙂 It’s always so wonderful to see beautifully cared-for gardens, I’m glad you’ve found a love for yours. x

    1. Ah, not ideal! Could they be termed wildflowers?! I do love mine, it’s funny how interested I am in it all now x

  12. Until I recently moved I can’t say I had an interest in plants but now we have a smaller,far more manageable garden I’m finding myself wanting to make it look prettier so off to the garden centre it is … x

  13. Ooh a wisteria – they are gorgeous plants and I’d love one too, but not sure I’ve got anywhere to grow one (mainly because the cottage at the end of our garden might object to me using their wall –though it would look perfect there!) good luck with it x

  14. Funny, our WOTWs are linked although for hayfever reasons the plants aren’t my favourite things at the moment!
    It is lovely to enjoy the gardens and the weather we’ve had recently has been just perfect for plants and the garden, we’re enjoying it being so green – I just need a better hayfever defence mechanism!
    Thanks for the lovely linky, as always

  15. I love wisteria, I too have always wanted one and only got one last year. Its not thriving yet but I am living in hope it will bloom this summer. I love when the garden starts to come to life it is so exciting seeing what will grown and spread from last year x

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  17. Hi Jocelyn, I love plants, but am a hopeless gardener. The only plants I seem to have success with are cactus (probably something to do with the fact they love the heat and thrive on neglect).

    I wish you luck with your wisteria and hope that this time next year is thriving and starting to creep along your house front!

    Thank you for hosting.

  18. I’m so glad you are enjoying your plants and with it your garden. I’m not one for flowers as I have terrible hayfever so have a bit of a love hate relationship with the garden. My mum on the other hand is very keen on her garden so perhaps this will come x

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